D-Day art and letters—“Into the Jaws of Death”, hero weathermen, poets

If you’re a baby boomer, you know what D-Day was and what it stands for. If you’re younger, probably not so much. The tragic dearth of history, both global and domestic, in US classrooms has led to broad ignorance on more topics than I can count. On D-Day, June 6, 1944, more than 150,000 men were carried across the English Channel to begin wresting France from the hands of the National Socialist German Workers Party, more popularly known as the “Nazis.” Mother Nature had actually delayed the crossing by a day. Thousands of Allied troops died; thousands of Nazis died.

Meet photographer Mike Hamilton, quiet advocate for Florida musicians

Florida musicians have a talented advocate working quietly in the background at bars, festivals, and other venues. Mike Hamilton is becoming the persona grata in the world of Sunshine State music, and he’s drawing well-deserved attention for the many images he’s shot of musicians working in different genres. The first time I saw Mike, I had no idea who he was. He was shooting photos of Rebecca and Jennifer at one of their gigs. Later he posted some pics on Facebook and it was obvious he has a good eye for composition. I saw that he was photographing different bands,

It’s National Camera Day, and I’m singing praises

There’s admittedly a day for just about everything, and today is National Camera Day. We recently got a great camera and although I also have a good camera in my phone, I’m in love with this new one. It has all kinds of ‘whichits’ and ‘whatits’, shoots great video too, and is proving to be a plus for my work and for shots of my daughters’ band. We got an amazing deal, by the way.

Crazy Daysies to feature photo exhibit at release party

With the Crazy Daysies’ album release party days away, I was thrilled to (finally) receive prints of photographs by Joel Molotzak. Part of the tension involved in planning an event is caused by fears that all the materials you need and ordered won’t arrive on time. 

Jax Art exhibit explores myth, the elements, and legend

Jacksonville artist Leilani Leo will exhibit works in a special presentation at the Karpeles Library Manuscript Museum on Friday, July 14, from 5-8 p.m. Leo’s exhibit is titled All the Way Up: An Oil Portrait Series of Gods, Goddesses, the Elements, and Other Mythological Beings. Leo explained she hopes to beckon “the viewer to peer deeper with renewed perspective musing…on the subject of heavenly legends.” This won’t be one of those dry as a bone affairs. 

Seeing Rick Lipscomb’s work, I found some soul art

Even when my husband and I were young, living paycheck to paycheck, if I put a piece of art on the wall, I preferred it to be original. It helped that I knew a lot of artists who sold their work at very reasonable prices. I even had a couple freelance clients pay me part of my fee in art.  

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