Norway authorities allege millions of ‘fake streams’ for Jay-Z’s Tidal

Anyone in the music business is aware streams of artists’ music play a vital role in their success. While indie artists’ fans often ask for CDs or vinyl, streaming stats supply numbers guaranteed to impress media and fans. Whether streaming numbers translate to similar numbers in fans is up for debate. Now Norway authorities are investigating US musician Jay-Z’s Tidal, alleging millions of “fake streams” for some artists. If true, this would result in disenfranchising others because of the way revenue is tabulated for artists. 

State of the stream: Right now, Drake owns it

Streaming continues to increase as technology provides more ways to listen to your favorite music. Right now, rapper Drake is king of the stream, and close behind him is another rapper whose video features Drake. While audience habits are tied to both age and aesthetics, there’s no doubt streaming is here to stay despite the disadvantages it can pose for indie artists who get a smaller share of the money. Still, whether you’re a consumer of music or a creator, it’s interesting to look at who’s on top of the streams and whether that potential applies across genres. 

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