Bella Donna Project brings ‘goddess of rock’ tribute to Jax

Stevie Nicks needs no introduction; her music is part of the American cultural experience. Jacksonville will be re-introduced to Nicks’ music live when the Bella Donna Project takes the stage at 1904 Music Hall on September 1. 

Belated birthday hat tip to legendary bluesman Robert Johnson

Ditties written for pop culture of the moment may not last, but real art lasts forever. When it comes to legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, his music definitely lasted. Johnson’s birthday was May 8, so this brief is a hat tip to his talent. The guitarist was born May 8, 1911. He lived to be only 27 years old, dying in 1938. His story is one like so many others of his era—born in humble circumstances, managing to rise above them with his talent, but dying too young. Mystery surrounds his life and his death.

Concert at Stetson to benefit Jax musician’s daughter

It was bad enough their daughter was in a terrible car accident. Making it worse, the accident happened on the other side of the country. Additional challenges involved care for the victim’s small  children and an ever-present search for resources to help her. A concert to benefit the victim will be held at Stetson University in Lee Chapel (Elizabeth Hall) on Wednesday, April 19, from 7:30-10:30 p.m. Most families would be overwhelmed. Kent Smedley, his wife Amy, and their younger daughter Kaitie chose to meet the crisis head on. 

Bandwagon Network Radio for indie music kicks off fundraiser

America is on the cusp of an indie arts movement, and one part of that movement is indie radio. Independent musicians looking for an outlet who will air their music should take a look at Bandwagon Network Radio. The network has kicked off a fundraiser in hopes of meeting revenue needs for 2017. 

Performers raise funds for music icon’s daughter

I first met Kent Smedley when my younger daughter Rebecca was in middle school. Transplants in Florida, we were searching for a guitar teacher. The day we found Kent was a lucky one for us. Rebecca began to study with him and results were immediate and impressive. Rebecca is an adult now, with her own band The Crazy Daysies. She’s self-employed as a musician. Just about every time I see Kent, I thank him again for teaching and mentoring her. He was one of the keys she needed to unlock the career she dreamed about as a child. Kent is

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