Which love, country, hip-hop, and rock songs rule over time?

We’re constantly talking music at our house, and all of us eagerly look for new bands whose songs might have shelf life in our brains. That’s how I discovered The Dead South, a group I thought of when I saw a reader list “House of the Rising Sun” as a submission to the set list I’m building here. I did some searches, and what I came up with was a mixed bag of top songs from different critics. Some of the songs on these lists surprised me. Others, like “Hey, Jude,” just never made their way into my heart. 

Solicitation: What songs would you add to a set list?

Before every show, my daughters come up with a set list. Rebecca usually scribbles it onto her phone. Or sometimes, a sheet of paper. That list is always customized for the audience. Set lists aren’t just for musicians, though. 

What do you do about earworms, since they’re so common?

Sometimes after listening to the band practice, I’ll get a song I like stuck in my head. They are many. “Tin Man” by Miranda Lambert. Lead Belly’s “In the Pines.” Closer to home, the Daysies’ “Stick a Lime in It.” I recently learned there’s a label for songs that get stuck in your head. 

From Disney princess to classical crossover, Misty Posey shines

Imagine taking on the role of a Disney princess singing to an audience of adoring fans. Singer and songwriter Misty Posey knows that feeling well. Posey has moved on from her Disney experience, and she is taking classically themed music to unexpected places. Imagine hearing an Irish ballad in a pub when it isn’t St. Patrick’s Day. Or encountering a haunting presentation of “Ave Maria” being sung in a tavern. 

Tennessee concerts give ‘down under’ a whole new meaning

The historic Woodstock—the original, not the knockoff—gave a whole new perspective on concerts decades ago. Who could forget near-naked (and naked) bodies grooving across the fields? Thing is, Woodstock was above-ground. Did you know there’s a concert below-ground?

AWAL requirements are actually a good blueprint for any working musician

AWAL is getting some attention for its royalty model and for the fact artists retain rights to their recordings. Kobalt Music Group has combined its recording assets under the AWAL umbrella, having acquired that company in 2012. The focus is on indie music. So what does it take to get on board and what can an artist expect if that happens? 

St. Patrick’s Day breaking news: It’s worth $6 billion

Many of us can claim Irish ancestry to some degree, and our official holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. Lots of people, regardless of ethnicity, culturally appropriate this holiday to join in the fun. It seems the celebration of this saint’s day grows more popular each year, and information from the National Retail Federation appears to confirm that. 

Surprises: Song touched a national nerve and inspired a film

There’s no doubt that suffering is painful, but it can also lead to positive outcomes. Now a song inspired by suffering has inspired a film with the same title. “I Can Only Imagine” crossed into the mainstream music market after becoming a hit in the Christian market. The story behind the song also touched a nerve. There’s a lesson here of sorts for aspiring musicians. 

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day: Meet Misty Posey

Do you like Irish or Celtic music? I do. Next up on the holiday calendar is the annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. As I wandered around the cesspool known as Twitter, I ran into a beautiful voice. It belongs to Misty Posey who appears to be doing things her way in an industry experiencing much fluidity right now, in part because of social media. 

Bumping into Dave Med Music broke a cloudy day

Yesterday was one of those days February loves to deliver here in North Florida. Cloudy and yucky. Not a good day to be outdoors. So I went fishing in the Facebook pond for things to write about. I love to discover music that is new to me.  It didn’t take long before I found something I really liked. 

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