The Crazy Daysies at 1904 Music Hall in Jacksonville. (Photo: Indie Art South)

AWAL requirements are actually a good blueprint for any working musician

AWAL is getting some attention for its royalty model and for the fact artists retain rights to their recordings. Kobalt Music Group has combined its recording assets under the AWAL umbrella, having acquired that company in 2012. The focus is on indie music. So what does it take to get on board and what can an artist expect if that happens? 

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Pharrell at Hu Holi for Adidas

As Pharrell promotes Adidas collection, ‘cultural appropriation’ rears its head

Of late, many media have focused on what tribalists of all ilk call “cultural appropriation.” The thinking goes that if you venture outside your artistic bounds to compose a work including aspects from another culture, you’re guilty. Pharrell Williams is drawing criticism from some quarters for his new Adidas items comprising “The Hu Holi Powder Dye Collection.” What is Hu Holi, what does it have to do with sportswear, and why is Pharrell drawing fire?

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Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek talks to staff. (Photo: John Aslund)

With Spotify going public, how should indie musicians proceed?

Now that the top dog in streaming music, Spotify, has chosen to go public, fans and artists may be asking themselves where the music business will go from here. While Spotify is far ahead of others like Apple Music in terms of subscribers, Spotify’s business model has been described as “shaky” by the likes of CNBC. 

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Twenty One Pilots at Press conference of Soundbox in Bangkok. (Caption and photo by Sry85)

From indie to label: Twenty One Pilots makes music history with ‘Blurryface’

Music history has been made by the duo known as Twenty One Pilots. Beginning as indie musicians, the band recorded two self-released albums, and then were signed by a major label. It took roughly 9 years, but perseverance paid off. An announcement from the Recording Industry Association of America will now be part and parcel of US music history. 

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Dale Watson

With Watson’s Ameripolitan move, is Memphis giving Austin a run for its music?

Last week we were talking about cities and their music in a conversation about Jacksonville, FL. I’ve long said the Jax music community is this city’s best-kept secret because this city has it all. Whatever your aesthetic, you can bet there will be a place to enjoy it here. Talk turned to Memphis, and a musician told me that’s where she’d go if she ever left Jax. This morning, as I scanned headlines for ideas, lo and behold, I came across an article about Memphis giving Austin a run for its music. 

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Photo via Americana Music Association; by Nathan Zucker.

Americana Music Association opens showcase submissions

Showcase submissions for AMERICANAFEST® 2018, Sept. 11-16 in Nashville, Tenn., are now open and will be accepted through Monday, March 26, 2018. Now in its 19th year as the Americana Music Association’s® annual fundraiser, the destination music festival and conference provides a community-driven platform for artists to showcase for the top Americana tastemakers and industry from around the world. There are two ways to submit for a showcase. 

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Bloodshot FAQ gives a good look at what recording companies think of you

Bloodshot Records, founded in 1994, included on their website a FAQ section. It’s a must-read for musicians in search of a label. It’s also interesting even if you’re not a musician, but like me, enjoy cutting edge tunes. Some of what’s there sounds a bit brutal. 

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Will Facebook music licensing give indies short end of the stick?

It’s been awhile coming, but Facebook’s music licensing contracts appear to be baked. Not much is available about pop culture contracts. But according to Digital Music News, it’s likely, “If you’re an indie publisher or songwriter, you’re probably going to hate Facebook’s music publishing contract.”  

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