Nashville blowout: Eric Church sets record despite last year’s brouhaha

Nashville star Eric Church must be on top of the world right now. Church, the come-from-behind guy who was once dropped by Rascal Flatts during a tour, set records for audience totals on May 25 at Nissan Stadium in the city famous for country and now country pop. Defying critics’ predictions, Church managed to deflect a lot of criticism leveled at him after a Rolling Stone piece featured some of the singer’s political pronouncements less than one year ago.

World’s most streamed 20th century song almost didn’t get produced

Universal Music Group recently announced “Bohemian Rhapsody” has officially become “the world’s most-streamed song from the 20th Century, as well as the most-streamed Classic Rock song of all time.” Considering the song was recorded more than 40 years ago, that’s quite phenomenal. What’s even more phenomenal is the fact the song almost didn’t get produced. 

Jimi Hendrix, eternally young, began music journey with ukulele

November 27 is Jimi Hendrix’s birthday. Because he died just shy of his 28th birthday, his image is forever imprinted on our minds as one of eternal youth. Considering his genius, you’d think he’d studied music from an early age. You might think his love of music was nurtured by all who knew him. That’s not the way it was, though. Besides that, Hendrix didn’t begin his musical journey with a guitar. 

Freddie Mercury film will engulf you, courtesy of ScreenX

I’ve made no secret of my excitement about the forthcoming biopic about Freddie Mercury. Now there’s another bit of news because the film won’t be shown in a traditional way. Courtesy of ScreenX, viewers will be engulfed in images of the iconic vocalist/composer/songwriter for Queen.

From indie to label: Twenty One Pilots makes music history with ‘Blurryface’

Music history has been made by the duo known as Twenty One Pilots. Beginning as indie musicians, the band recorded two self-released albums, and then were signed by a major label. It took roughly 9 years, but perseverance paid off. An announcement from the Recording Industry Association of America will now be part and parcel of US music history. 

Quincy Jones crits Beatles’ talent in yet another eye-popping interview

Quincy Jones needs no introduction. He’s always been outspoken, but a recent Q&A interview at Vulture isn’t just Jones doing his customary emoting.  Amid pronouncements on just about everything, including Jimi Hendrix, the music icon offers some useful info for indies. 

Among my treasures, a record containing songs by Janis Joplin

Trying to cut down on clutter, I spent a weekend combing through boxes labeled “Keepsake”. Most of us probably have these “walk down Memory Lane” moments when we’re going through old stuff and land on something that stops us cold. I found a treasure in my treasures. An old book, given to me by my husband, before we married, when we were both in college and living paycheck to paycheck, made all that tedious sorting worthwhile. 

An indie musician who deserves a tribute: Eddie Zomerfeld

  **Please see update at the end of the column.** My wedding anniversary is approaching again, and naturally, I find myself wondering what happened to some of the people who were so important to me when I was young. One individual among many deserves a tribute. Eddie Zomerfeld was an indie musician and DJ whose work was well known to many Southern music lovers in the 1970s. I won’t ever forget him because he was right there with us in the chapel at the University of South Carolina when I married my husband. 

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