Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean, the duo Ida Mae, opened for Lone Bellow at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall (Florida) April 16, 2018.

In Florida Lone Bellow was the draw, and Ida Mae was a bonus

My daughters Jen and Rebecca, otherwise known as The Crazy Daysies, enjoy going to concerts with their dad who is also a musician. On Monday, all three went to see Lone Bellow, a group we all fell in love with the last time they were in Jacksonville. Lone Bellow didn’t disappoint their fans on April 16, and there was a bonus—Ida Mae. 

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US flag from CIA World Factbook.

Dustup over Fergie’s National Anthem interpretation

Lots of tweets this morning about Fergie’s interpretation of the US National Anthem “The Star Spangled Banner.” It’s tempting to crit a multi-Grammy winner, and many did. I didn’t find it so off-putting. I think she pulled it off, but above all, she chose to interpret it her way. One singer’s aesthetic can be a fan’s angst, I guess. I did see some amused looks on players’ faces at the NBA All Star Fame. You can view the video at The Chicago Tribune and form your own opinion. You can also view Tweets on the matter under the (trending) hashtag

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Double feature: Sturgill Simpson teams up with Fantastic Negrito

Sturgill Simpson’s indie music has catapulted him to the top of the mountain, but he hasn’t confined himself to his own efforts. Simpson co-produced Tyler Childer’s album Purgatory now ranked near the top of the Country Billboard charts. Now some of Simpson’s shows will comprise a double feature—the music of Fantastic Negrito. If you haven’t heard this guy, and if you like raw blues, you are missing out on a phenomenal talent.  

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