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Out of Carolina: Sweet Sweet heads to North Florida

Surfing for good music is a daily duty for Indie Art South, and today I wasn’t disappointed. I found a great song by a duo from coastal South Carolina. Sweet Sweet will head to North Florida this weekend for a gig at a venue I’m fond of because I’ve had good times there listening to my daughters perform. The venue, The Green Turtle, is known for quality music and fun times. So what’s so special about Sweet Sweet? 

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Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean, the duo Ida Mae, opened for Lone Bellow at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall (Florida) April 16, 2018.

In Florida Lone Bellow was the draw, and Ida Mae was a bonus

My daughters Jen and Rebecca, otherwise known as The Crazy Daysies, enjoy going to concerts with their dad who is also a musician. On Monday, all three went to see Lone Bellow, a group we all fell in love with the last time they were in Jacksonville. Lone Bellow didn’t disappoint their fans on April 16, and there was a bonus—Ida Mae. 

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Snip/Academy of Country Music awards 2018; Miranda Lambert

Miranda owns the night at ACM awards, despite radio policy on women

It’s no secret those who influence radio programming aren’t wild about females. It’s a matter of public record. Sunday’s Academy of Country Music is in conflict with a major influencer’s advice to 300 radio stations: “If you want to make ratings in country radio, take females out…” 

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Snip from Twitter profile of Dancing Cowboy (@ask4adam)

Who knew San Jose had a Dancing Cowboy and country radio?

Confession time. I didn’t even know San Jose (CA) had a country music station. That’s embarrassing. What’s more interesting? I didn’t know the West Coast had a “Dancing Cowboy” who’s all over country music.  Twitter, despite being a cesspool, does have some bright moments. Dancing Cowboy’s Twitter feed turned out to be a bright moment for me. 

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Rebecca Day Jennifer Day Thompson The Crazy Daysies

My personal anthem is officially released: ‘Back Off’

Today marks the release of a song inspired after a conversation with my daughters about standing your ground. I learned early on how vital it was to encourage my daughters to think independently and to never yield to peer pressure on something they didn’t agree with. (Article continues after video below.)

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Image: Snip from home page,

Rebelle Road tackles issue of women in country, Americana

Female artists were very critical of a major radio consultant’s decision in 2015 to discourage stations from playing country music by women. In 2018 Recording Academy CEO Neil Portnow told women to “step up”, implying I suppose that they haven’t. Now a California startup is challenging the status quo. Rebelle Road will tackle the issue of women in country and Americana. 

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Dale Watson

With Watson’s Ameripolitan move, is Memphis giving Austin a run for its music?

Last week we were talking about cities and their music in a conversation about Jacksonville, FL. I’ve long said the Jax music community is this city’s best-kept secret because this city has it all. Whatever your aesthetic, you can bet there will be a place to enjoy it here. Talk turned to Memphis, and a musician told me that’s where she’d go if she ever left Jax. This morning, as I scanned headlines for ideas, lo and behold, I came across an article about Memphis giving Austin a run for its music. 

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Florida Theatre

Jamey Johnson & Chris Hennessee in Jax: Christmas gift worth waiting for

Every year I face a dilemma. My husband is a hard man to buy a gift for. Making it more challenging, he is a fantastic gift giver. So this past Christmas when my daughter Rebecca suggested concert tickets for the Jamey Johnson show (opened by Chris Hennessee), I jumped right on it. I bought tickets for Rebecca and Jennifer too. These three love to go to concerts. I go sometimes, but rarely. I fretted a little. My husband would have to wait two months for his gift. Was it worth it? 

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