‘Times’ writers may be ‘progressive’, but not when it comes to their own property

The Los Angeles Times has a capital idea for increasing its own capital. Get rights to the works of writers employed by the paper, even if the works aren’t created as part of their reportage. The newspaper has been negotiating a new contract, and it appears writers aren’t happy. These workers may be progressive, but not when it comes to giving away their own property. Can you blame them?

New social network aims for privacy, dismisses Facebook ad model

Recently Openbook announced a Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling on a new social network that, if successful, could be an alternative to Facebook. Openbook is not aiming for the ad revenue model other social media and the dominant search engine on the Web comprise because of privacy concerns. 

Leisure News: Sony, iHeartRadio, and Starz churn profits and potential

The entertainment sector seems to reinvent itself frequently as technology comes up with new ways to deliver content. Right now, Sony is sitting pretty, and in the radio sector, iHeartRadio reportedly has another potential buyer. As Sony resurrects a record label and iHeart courts suitors, something rather remarkable happened when viewers set a record of sorts in a non-TV way with a popular Starz TV show. The market is in flux, and that could mean good news for some artists and fans. 

Apology to my readers; Still blogging, against all odds

I’ve blogged, both as an indie site owner and for freelance accounts, many times over the years. In the early days, there were bugs in software and there were challenges. Still, you could draw traffic with good posts and I stayed in the game. Then approximately six or seven years ago things changed, and not for the better. 

TaTaTu jumps into streaming: Users also get a cut

Consider all the content streaming sites on the Web. As users, we get to view videos, hear music, and read articles mostly for free. We may comment, or pass the content link along to our friends and followers. Beyond that, users get nothing, although without the users, sites like Facebook and Twitter would have little to ‘sell.’ TaTaTu has a new take for streaming—everyone gets a cut. 

Zuckerberg’s Facebook clampdown could be an opportunity

News that Facebook will clamp down on media, with plans to “rank” outlets by “trustworthiness” has many armchair and pro pundits in a meltdown. The move towards “suppression” or “promotion” has caused alarm among those of us who are passionate about free expression. While the government cannot legally control your speech, social media sites certainly can. That is their right. 

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