With ‘Jockeys and Juleps’, Jax Junior League puts hats, bow ties in limelight

If you’re a Kentucky Derby fan, chances are you mark the yearly event with some sort of gathering. We usually do that in our family, although this year my husband and I can’t because we’ll attend a personal event not related to the Derby. Various organizations sponsor events, and this year, the Junior League of Jacksonville has put together an event guaranteed to spotlight the fun in the word fundraising. There’s an artistic aspect to the Derby, although you may not have thought of it. There’s a contest to see whose “art” is the best, as a matter of fact.

Combat flip flops—a “mission” to manufacture “stoke”

During a TED talk in 2015, Matt Griffin told the audience he and some of his fellow military veterans bet they could “manufacture stoke.” He’s talking about the same term we use when we say, “I’m stoked!” After serving in war zones and seeing combat up close and personal, Griffin and his fellows turned that stoke into a fashionable item popular in my home state of Florida and in others too—the combat flip flop. I didn’t know about Griffin’s venture until we experienced it personally here at home.

Helping up close and personal: Wee Pub South to host fundraiser

Imagine losing your husband, and then having to deal with cancer yourself. I’ve watched families go through crises like this, and sometimes, the challenges can seem overwhelming. St. Mary’s (GA) is a tightly knit community, and local restaurant Wee Pub South is going all out to help a woman who has a lot on her plate right now. On Saturday, Sept. 8, the pub will host a fundraiser. 

Daysies’ livestream featured new songs, cancer fundraiser, and film producer

The Crazy Daysies had Friday night off, and ended up doing music anyway. It’d been awhile since they had time to do a livestream, so we invited some friends and family over and ended up having a ball. We heard a couple new covers and the original they’ll soon release. We also had some special guests. 

First Swamp Haven fundraiser brings beds, food, and funds for pups

The Crazy Daysies did the first fundraiser for their 2018 charity of choice Swamp Haven on Thursday. Supporters, otherwise known as ‘swampytonkers’,  love animals, and that was evident in the generous donations. 

In season of giving, Daysies to hold fundraiser for small charity Swamp Haven

Each year, my family contributes to different charities. Some are big. Some are small. It’s the small ones that often go unnoticed even in a season of giving like our Christmas celebrations. Small charities don’t usually get backed by big corporations with lots of employees. Swamp Haven is a perfect example. 

Crazy Daysies and Swamp Haven have Daisy and more in common

As The Crazy Daysies set out on our next venture to help Swamp Haven, a non-profit animal rescue based in St. Augustine (FL), we couldn’t help but realize how some relationships develop by circumstance while others seem destined. During a get-to-know each other meeting, we found coincidences  about Swamp Haven and the Daysies we couldn’t dismiss. 

Concert at Stetson to benefit Jax musician’s daughter

It was bad enough their daughter was in a terrible car accident. Making it worse, the accident happened on the other side of the country. Additional challenges involved care for the victim’s small  children and an ever-present search for resources to help her. A concert to benefit the victim will be held at Stetson University in Lee Chapel (Elizabeth Hall) on Wednesday, April 19, from 7:30-10:30 p.m. Most families would be overwhelmed. Kent Smedley, his wife Amy, and their younger daughter Kaitie chose to meet the crisis head on. 

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