Indie film a spectacular mix of drama, suspense, horror and dark comedy

By Jen Day Thompson Durden Godfrey’s I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday premiered in Jacksonville with a sold out, one-night-only event at the downtown Public Library on Thursday, August 9th, 2018. For months, Facebook followers had seen teasers and promotional posts about the film, sparking interest, conversation and even a shout out from James Murray of television’s Impractical Jokers. Based on crowd response as the film ended Thursday, viewers were not disappointed. Godfrey’s film premiere started with a red carpet pre-party and cocktails. Guests’ photos were made on the red carpet upon entering and everyone enjoyed drinks and

Looking for live music or playing it? Check out your state’s trade groups

If you’re an independent musician, chances are you don’t have a manager working on all the small items that can lead to big things. If you’re a music lover interested in finding venues where live music is featured regularly, chances are you might not be sure how to find those venues. One resource for both musicians and their fans is their state’s trade group. For instance, Florida has a very active association that features a directory of live performances across one of the nation’s largest states and beyond. 

Five indies heat up summer with classical crossover, Nicks tribute band, and more

Ever paid double digits for a concert and been disappointed? I have. I’ve also said you can often hear better music on the indie scene than you’ll hear on your device of choice. In writing about indies, I’ve come across bands whose level of professionalism and talent makes them worth following. Here are five of my favorites, starting with one unique singer trying to do what many used to believe impossible. 

One critical protection for musicians and attendees at outdoor concerts

It was a classic yin and yang moment. We were standing in a park along with hundreds of others here in Florida. We’d come to hear music, grab a bite from one of the food trucks, and socialize. My husband walked over to me and asked, “You got any of those wipes you always carry in that thing?” 

When cars were art: Trip brightened by ’56 Chevy

Over Mother’s Day weekend, we took a road trip north on I95 to see my mother. My husband laughs at my complaints about that highway. Traffic slowdowns. Crazy drivers. Monotonous landscape. Some terrible patches needing serious repair. Sometimes we hop off onto a secondary road just to get off 95 for a minute. So I was ecstatic to spot an immaculate ’56 Chevy when we stopped for gas. 

In Florida Lone Bellow was the draw, and Ida Mae was a bonus

My daughters Jen and Rebecca, otherwise known as The Crazy Daysies, enjoy going to concerts with their dad who is also a musician. On Monday, all three went to see Lone Bellow, a group we all fell in love with the last time they were in Jacksonville. Lone Bellow didn’t disappoint their fans on April 16, and there was a bonus—Ida Mae. 

Jamey Johnson joins bevy of special guests for Skynyrd ‘Farewell’ tour

Jamey Johnson will join other special guests along the way as legendary band Lynyrd Skynyrd conducts the Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour presented by SiriusXM. The first show kicks off on May 4 in West Palm Beach (FL). Skynyrd has performed for four decades, with more than 60 albums produced. Most working musicians encounter Skynyrd at live events, although not in the flesh.

Jamey Johnson & Chris Hennessee in Jax: Christmas gift worth waiting for

Every year I face a dilemma. My husband is a hard man to buy a gift for. Making it more challenging, he is a fantastic gift giver. So this past Christmas when my daughter Rebecca suggested concert tickets for the Jamey Johnson show (opened by Chris Hennessee), I jumped right on it. I bought tickets for Rebecca and Jennifer too. These three love to go to concerts. I go sometimes, but rarely. I fretted a little. My husband would have to wait two months for his gift. Was it worth it? 

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