After nearly a decade, Queen biopic set for release and a dustup

I have long been an admirer of Freddie Mercury and Queen. I put Mercury right up there with Elvis in terms of his impact on music. Who’d have ever thought a popular band could successfully stick opera smack in the middle of a pop song running about six minutes long? Now the long-awaited biopic of Mercury and his band Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, is set for release. There’s a dustup of course. And in the US, we’ll have to wait on the Brits and Aussies’ release before we see the film. 

Bradley Cooper co-stars with Gaga who insisted he sing live for film

If you’re younger than 40, you may not even know the film A Star is Born. First released in the late 1930s when color on screens was on its way to the norm rather than the exception, the original film starred actors and actresses most won’t recognize. Now the film is being remade with none other than Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Cooper, likely to his initial dismay, learned Gaga wanted him to sing live. 

Surprises: Song touched a national nerve and inspired a film

There’s no doubt that suffering is painful, but it can also lead to positive outcomes. Now a song inspired by suffering has inspired a film with the same title. “I Can Only Imagine” crossed into the mainstream music market after becoming a hit in the Christian market. The story behind the song also touched a nerve. There’s a lesson here of sorts for aspiring musicians. 

From cop to actress, Faneal Godbold is definitely ‘moving forward’

Faneal Godbold chose a career in what was once a man’s world, law enforcement. Although during her school years she had enjoyed participating in theater and drama, the real-world career path she followed as an adult was anything but glamorous. Law enforcement was a magnet for the North Carolina native. Her father, grandfather, and uncle all worked in law enforcement. Godbold’s dad did what a lot of parents do—instructed her to “get a job so you can pay your bills.” It’s likely Godbold’s dad didn’t envision his daughter appearing on TV, film, and commercials. How did she make the leap

Faneal Godbold chose to ‘step up’ early on

I’ll soon have an interview with actress and law enforcement expert Faneal Godbold. Recently the CEO of the Recording Academy, responding to complaints about the scarcity of women in the Grammy Awards, said women should “step up.” Godbold stepped up all on her own. 

Psycho-thriller wraps in Jax as Sioux Falls gets attention for indie film action

Production on the film I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday has officially wrapped, with editing and post-production work still ahead. Those of us who eagerly await the premiere will get to see the film in 2018. As North Florida filmmakers do their best to get their works to market, a distant city is gaining attention for coalescing the community around an industry that will only grow as technology makes filmmaking more accessible and indie artists gain ground. That distant city’s climate and population are very different than Jacksonville, Florida’s.

Florida Filmmaker capitalizes on real life for reel life in psycho thriller

If you’re a filmmaker about to wrap a project, and a real life event perfect for your shoot drops in your lap, what’s not to like? That’s what happened with Durden Godfrey’s latest work, ‘I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday.’ 

Writing about locally produced film opened door on Florida show biz community

When I began to cover a film in progress in Jacksonville, I had no idea what was in store. I wrote about the film because I’ve known and respected the producer of I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday for years. Once I did an update to the original article, I began to get emails and requests on social media. Frankly, I simply had no idea. 

Jax filmmakers unveil new trailer, merch for ‘I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday’

It takes fierce determination to bring a script to the big screen. It appears supporters of a new film produced in Jacksonville have lots of it. Jared Rush, producer of the psychological thriller I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday, shared news about the film’s progress on his Facebook page recently. As news breaks on the film’s progress and debut, we’ll continue to provide updates about a work that is quirky like Hitchcock and surprising like Kubrick. 

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