Quibi “star power” debut in April evokes serialized novels of past

cell phone generic image Indie Art South
General photo of cell phone: has nothing to do with the Quibi app. (Photo: Indie Art South)

Lots of buzz right now about a new streaming service, Quibi, debuting in April, and the first thing I thought of was the way novels used to be serialized in newspapers and magazines.

The new app is rumored to rely on “star power,” because the assumption is that if you’re a celebrity-oriented reader, you’ll be happy to pay for the “quick bites” the app delivers to your device. Continue reading “Quibi “star power” debut in April evokes serialized novels of past”

Full ‘Cold’ moon on 12/12 sparks imaginations and debate

super moon
Photo of full moon by Indie Art South

The moon has fascinated me since I was a child told by adults it was made of green cheese and/or there was a man in the moon. Even today years later I often walk outside late at night just to see the moon and stars. Tomorrow there’s a treat in store for moon lovers like me, and there’s a dash of mystery that is sparking imaginations and debate. Media have taken up the cause, with most building stories around content first featured in a publication I’ve known since the days I heard about lunar green cheese and men.

This Thursday’s full moon, sometimes called the “Cold Moon”, occurs on December 12. Making this more interesting than a regular full moon, the moon will peak on that date at 12:12 AM Eastern time. Adding a quirk to this phenomenon is the fact that if you add the numbers in our current year, you get the sum of 12. We all know the number 12 is special for many reasons.

What does all this mean, if anything? Continue reading “Full ‘Cold’ moon on 12/12 sparks imaginations and debate”

Moon (and ancestor) obsession renewed as October delivers a gazer’s delight

Hunter’s Moon image by Indie Art South.

From the time I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with the moon. My parents and I lived with my grandmother and her brother when I was small, and in those days, security wasn’t a big issue. You could see through the lace panels on my bedroom windows—the windows were a single sheet of glass. I loved to look at the moon on nights when it was visible. I still do. Last night I walked outside and found a view, but it was a view with a twist. Continue reading “Moon (and ancestor) obsession renewed as October delivers a gazer’s delight”

Mysterious mail offer a no-brainer, but design is curious

Direct mail solicitations have long been a go-to for US businesses, political parties, and others. When you get an offer in the mail, it’s likely that offer is the product of artists, graphic designers, writers, and marketing specialists. We just got the quirkiest direct mail piece ever—so quirky I was hesitant to open it. The offer contained in the letter—that’s one of the key components designed to get you to act on the offer—is a complete no-brainer. The whole package is quite mysterious. Continue reading “Mysterious mail offer a no-brainer, but design is curious”

Western media quiet on China ban of major US info site

It’s not a good idea to talk about reining in government power over speech in China. It’s a worse idea to do a search for information on a subject like the Tiananmen Square massacre. The concept of innate human rights doesn’t exist in the world’s most populous country. Now China citizens will not even be able to turn to the popular online ‘encyclopedia’ Americans consult so much it’s one of the top Web sites in the world. Why aren’t Western media talking about this? Continue reading “Western media quiet on China ban of major US info site”