Surprises: Song touched a national nerve and inspired a film

There’s no doubt that suffering is painful, but it can also lead to positive outcomes. Now a song inspired by suffering has inspired a film with the same title. “I Can Only Imagine” crossed into the mainstream music market after becoming a hit in the Christian market. The story behind the song also touched a nerve. There’s a lesson here of sorts for aspiring musicians. 

Meet Mercy Otis Warren and celebrate her on International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. Many women’s contributions throughout history are just now beginning to surface. As civilization has advanced, our playing field has become more level in many countries. One woman whose name is probably not mentioned in most school classrooms is Mercy Otis Warren. It’s time to meet her. 

Songwriting tips from experts—is “simple” really the way art should go?

What gives a song shelf life? What makes some songs so special they’re still relevant a century after being written? Tips on songwriting can be found at various industry websites, but one tip posted at Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) raised my eyebrows and made me ask myself a question. Is “simple” really the best advice for how art should proceed?

Need ideas on branding? Look to Trader Joe’s

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling music or your independently published book or hand-crafted jewelry. You are your own brand. That brand will say everything to a newcomer who hears about your product via media or word of mouth. If you’re doing things as a hobby and don’t have an interest in profit, you probably don’t need to read another word of this. But if you view your endeavors as a business venture, read on. 

Angela G deserves gold for Valentine’s Meme

Check out your nearest social media and you’ll see lots of messages and posts about Valentine’s Day. Some posts praise a lover. Other posts offer support to those who are single. Still other posts show how some countries want to ban the day when we in the US celebrate love. And, if we purchase something for a loved one, capitalism. I found a lot of pretty bad poetry. I also found some posts that made me laugh. 

So, female indie musicians, should you ‘step up’?

If you read news coverage of any awards event in the entertainment sector, you may wonder if  Recording Academy CEO Neil Portnow was right. Portnow drew crits for saying, women need to “step up.” Portnow used that term after media pointed out the scarcity of female performers among winners in 2018. Whiplash ensued, and Portnow clarified his remarks, but what you see and what you hear are in conflict. 

State ‘rankings’ placing Florida last are based on thin air and snark

Media are breathlessly touting results of state ‘rankings’ that place the state of Florida dead last in an analysis of states ranked from “best to worst.” The list started with the “worst.” Headlines blared from eager media who probably are still smarting from Democrats’ loss in the Sunshine State in November, 2016. That’s beside the point, though. What is inside the point is that media who deliver your evening news on traditional networks actually took these ‘rankings’ seriously. These aren’t real ‘rankings’. 

Erykah Badu gets an earful on social media after Vulture interview

So many musicians these days get political, it’s hard to keep up. Most hail from one side of the aisle and follow party talking points. Right now R&B singer Erykah Badu is getting an earful on social media after making remarks about her brand of humanism, including her assertion she saw “something good in Hitler.” The interview appeared on a site named Vulture.

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