With latest ‘sexcapade’ firing, do indies see opportunity ahead?

As a long time observer and chronicler of culture, I’ve often wondered how much farther pop culture can descend. Courtesy of the mass entertainment complex, we’ve been subject to mishaps with a bra on a Super Bowl stage, the perpetual dehumanization of the individual purely for sexual purposes, and a positively reviewed big film that begins with a child’s torture. Recently news feeds also brought breaking news on a Victoria’s Secret model who fell on the runway, “but recovered.” I ask you. What else could she do? It’s strange that we focus on content like this when so much else

On music, LeBron James may be cheap, but freebies are irresistible

Going unnoticed among the news gossip cycle is an interview a sports network presenter did with LeBron James. The interview sparked some commentary on a popular music site, leading to the conclusion James is “too cheap” to pay for streaming music. As the interview disclosed, James still has “Pandora with commercials.” How cheap is James, really? 

Mary J. Blige concert a bridge across the river ‘Turmoil’

By Jennifer Day Thompson I tend to avoid news sites. I even find myself staying away from social media some days. For a self-employed musician, social connections and engagement are everything. But every time I peruse Facebook or watch a local news broadcast, I’m bombarded with messages of hate and tragedy. I don’t report to an office each day. My office is across the hall from my daughter’s bedroom. I may spend 3-4 days at home, working on music as I’m able while raising a two-year-old. When the end of the week arrives and our gig schedule kicks in, I

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