‘Long Shot’ on Netflix is riveting, but stops short of full story

Editor’s note: The 2017 documentary has been written about by many, but if you haven’t seen it, there are spoilers in this column.

The documentary ‘Long Shot’ on Netflix is riveting. The production is extremely well-directed and holds your attention from the first words uttered by the subject Juan Catalan. By the time the credits roll, it’s impossible to not be infuriated by justice temporarily gone horribly astray. The work, however, stops short of the full story. Catalan, an innocent man who came far too close to the death penalty, is the central subject, but his brother Mario’s story warranted more attention than it got. Continue reading “‘Long Shot’ on Netflix is riveting, but stops short of full story”

Hanging with the ‘Bastiaters’ revs up creativity and curiosity

When Rebecca [Day] founded the Jacksonville chapter of the Bastiat Society, I had no idea what to expect. I volunteered to host the organizational meeting with Indie Art South as a sponsor. This happened in the pre-COVID era, and in-person turnout exceeded her expectations. The latest meeting of this group was a hybrid event, with a small number coming in person and larger number tuning in online. Justin Ptak was the speaker, and when all was said and done, my mind wandered off into many different directions. That is always the impact of the folks I affectionately call “Bastiaters.” Continue reading “Hanging with the ‘Bastiaters’ revs up creativity and curiosity”

Backstory in ‘The Dig’: Woman who helped changed history as we knew it

‘The Dig’ a Netflix film, is drawing much attention, and for good reason. The story is based on a novel fictionalizing true events and written by John Preston. The novel arose from an archaeological dig at a site known as Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, the United Kingdom. The story focuses on Basil Brown, a self-taught “excavator” and his key role in unearthing a remarkable discovery. There’s also an interesting backstory, though, related to the female archaeologist who pulled a trinket from the burial site and helped change history as we knew it. Continue reading “Backstory in ‘The Dig’: Woman who helped changed history as we knew it”

Muddy media waters: CNN ‘legal analyst’ gets tangled in her ‘lie’

The media talker CNN calls a ‘legal analyst’ got tripped by her own ‘lie’ today when she made a truly remarkable statement. That statement has to do with the First Amendment and limits on government power over speech. That amendment applies to the speech of all—from us quasi-Kulaks all the way over to political class members like the analyst who is the subject of this story. Continue reading “Muddy media waters: CNN ‘legal analyst’ gets tangled in her ‘lie’”

Wikipedia is honest about potential for ‘errors’—be aware

Years ago a young student asked me for help with her research paper. I told her to come up with a draft and we’d talk. When she brought the paper to me for discussion, I immediately asked her where she got her information about the topic. Her answer dismayed me. (Article continues after image).
Continue reading “Wikipedia is honest about potential for ‘errors’—be aware”