Two creatives: Author and singer have stories to tell on Iran and more

Photo credit: Nahid Sewell on Facebook
Photo credit: Nahid Sewell on Facebook

I first came to know Nahid Sewell through her novel The Ruby Tear Catcher. I read the novel, and concurrently running through my mind were the Iranian expatriates I came to know well as friends in the 1980s. I wrote about her novel for The Writer Magazine.

Years after I wrote that story, I saw video Nahid posted of her husband on Facebook where she and I had reconnected. I was blown away again.  Continue reading “Two creatives: Author and singer have stories to tell on Iran and more”

Woman is forgotten hero in search for St. Peter’s tomb

First in reviews of recommended summer reads: The Fisherman’s Tomb (John O’Neill)

John O’Neill, an attorney best known for his political writing, has penned a fascinating account of a secret mission undertaken by The Vatican. The mission’s modern seeds were sown in 1939 when a Christian grave was discovered beneath the Vatican. The surprise in that find is that the grave dated to pagan times when Christianity was oppressed by the Romans. Another surprise in the outcome of the search is that a woman, Margherita Guarducci, is largely responsible for its success.  Continue reading “Woman is forgotten hero in search for St. Peter’s tomb”

World Book Day brings out bibliophiles

The phrase World Book Day is trending on social media, and bibliophiles are not hesitating to advise people to go read a book. In an age where so many read only on digital devices, it’s nice to see those old fashioned reading devices get a nod. Ironically the date for the celebration in 2018 is also the birthday and death date for one of the world’s most influential writers.  Continue reading “World Book Day brings out bibliophiles”

With ‘Quiet Hero’, Cosby added a chapter to Resistance history

book cover Quiet Hero
Book cover image

Some books, once read, can be donated to charity because you know you’ll probably never read them again. Other books go onto the permanent shelf and remain relevant.

Rita Cosby’s book Quiet Hero–Secrets From My Father’s Past is a keeper. Quiet Hero contains a lot of personal narrative focusing on her relationship with her father and her upbringing in general. But the book also contains a lot of straight-up history told in a layman-friendly narrative.

Many readers will be introduced to Polish Resistance fighters, and events in the war are recounted in personal terms, often through firsthand accounts.

Until I read this book, I always thought first of the French Resistance when I heard about resistance groups in WWII.  Continue reading “With ‘Quiet Hero’, Cosby added a chapter to Resistance history”

Cosby gets new radio gig

Image: @RitaCosby on Twitter
Image: @RitaCosby on Twitter

Checking Twitter this morning, I saw a post by best-selling author Rita Cosby. Cosby announced she will co-host Curtis & Cosby on 77 WABC radio in New York City.

Cosby’s new gig debuts today at 12 noon.

Her co-host is Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels. I’ve met Cosby in person, and she’s built a solid reporting career, but what impressed me most about her was a personal story.  Continue reading “Cosby gets new radio gig”