Band Mom: Hat tip to organizers and volunteers at Blue Crab Festival

Palatka’s Blue Crab Festival over Memorial Day weekend drew lots of people to the small town known for festivals, views of the mighty St. John’s River, and hospitality. That last was obvious as soon as we arrived to hear the Crazy Daysies and other bands scheduled for Saturday. 

Band Mom: Heading to our first ever Blue Crab Festival

Today the Blue Crab Festival in Palatka kicks off its 29th annual event with live music, just about any kind of seafood you’d want, and arts and crafts vendors. There will be carnival rides and games. There’s even an adopt-a-duck event.  What’s not to like? 

Band Mom: Hoby’s features indie crafts alongside popular honey and other wares

In the Mandarin community in Jacksonville (FL), Hoby’s Honey and General Store is a destination for many of us seeking honey, canned products like pickles and jalapenos, and other locally produced wares. Besides the quality of the products, the fact they’re unique is icing on the cake. There’s more to Hoby’s than things to eat, though.

Band Mom: What’s your inspiration destination?

How many of us have been through times when we’d shake our head and wish for a couple more hours in the day because we’re so busy? Everyone goes through that, artist or not. But for artists, it’s a double-edged sword. Sometimes the business of art can crowd out the art. That’s why you need an inspiration destination close at hand. Not long ago I was talking with my daughter. She’d booked heavily ahead of summer, doing solo, duo, trio and full band shows. She’d taken roughly three days off work in a 30-day period.

Band Mom: My first ever Possum Festival unleashed trove of memories

I never know what to expect from a venue when I head out of town to hear my daughters perform. Sometimes the distance is great; other times, it’s close to home. On Saturday, a 40-minute drive to Macclenny (FL) landed me in Heritage Park Village where the Possum in the Park Festival was held. I always enjoy local festivals, and I am always surprised by something. But this one was different. As I walked into this park in a town where the population is roughly 6,000, I was not prepared for the treasure trove of memories a single sign and

Band Mom: What’s behind that band on the stage?

Watching a band develop is proving to be one of the more interesting experiences in my life. I could (and probably should because we have a nearly complete manuscript) publish a book. But there’s one aspect of that experience I want to comment on today. What’s behind that band on the stage? 

Band Mom: Seawalk Festival put Florida musicians in spotlight

I’ve often joked to my husband I can hear good music at a number of places in Florida on a given night, and I don’t have to pay $100 for concert tickets. Community First Seawalk Music festival this past weekend at Jacksonville Beach validated my claim. The festival featured ten bands and closed with country star Josh Turner. The Crazy Daysies opened the festival on Saturday. They were followed by Mama Blue whose voice does for the blues what honey does for toast. All the bands received compliments—some I heard first hand and some can be viewed on the Festival’s

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