Red Dirt music expands, but what is it exactly?

I hadn’t heard about Red Dirt Music until recently. I read an article that mentioned it in connection with a Texas radio station expanding its broadcast capability. Once I found time to take a deeper look, I learned some things. Above all, I’m trying to figure out exactly what it is. 

Frozen in Florida, but saved by an indie

You move to Florida, even in the northern part where I live, you pretty much take weather for granted. While it’s true we do have concerns during hurricane season, in our area we have been very lucky. Extreme weather events are rare here. Until recently, we forgot what frozen felt like. All that changed with this week’s weather. New Year’s was fun, but cold. When the temp drops into the 20s, you start to remember what real cold feels like. When your HVAC system experiences sudden death, you really start to feel that real cold. That’s what landed my husband

First Swamp Haven fundraiser brings beds, food, and funds for pups

The Crazy Daysies did the first fundraiser for their 2018 charity of choice Swamp Haven on Thursday. Supporters, otherwise known as ‘swampytonkers’,  love animals, and that was evident in the generous donations. 

As holiday rush begins, Christmas Bird comes to visit

Every year I swear we will manage holidays better, and every year I fail. With Christmas approaching, our calendar is full of gigs, social events, and gatherings. Most years we kick off Christmas on a quiet note. My husband and I decorate—well, I decorate and he assists with the hard stuff—and then we make coffee and a snack and walk around looking at our Christmas décor. We might watch a Christmas movie. This year, our quiet moments were interrupted by a feathery visitor. 

Can membership in a professional organization help an indie musician?

If you’re an indie musician, it probably sometimes seems like you’re climbing the steepest mountain on our planet. It’s true you can network with other musicians, but it’s also true you probably have moments when you feel completely alone. Can membership in a professional organization help an indie musician gain ground? 

In season of giving, Daysies to hold fundraiser for small charity Swamp Haven

Each year, my family contributes to different charities. Some are big. Some are small. It’s the small ones that often go unnoticed even in a season of giving like our Christmas celebrations. Small charities don’t usually get backed by big corporations with lots of employees. Swamp Haven is a perfect example. 

Boutique Wine Bar in Palm Coast gets a discreet makeover

Many musicians in Florida are acquainted with The Original Hammock Wine and Cheese bar in Palm Coast (FL). This boutique bar features indie musicians on a regular basis, and has done so for quite some time. Why do I call it a ’boutique bar’? 

The Crazy Daysies meet Mr. Peanut

Sometimes, girls just gotta’ have fun, as the song goes. So when the Crazy Daysies learned Mr. Peanut (and his ride) would be at the Winn-Dixie in Mandarin on Thursday, they headed over. Baby Kayla didn’t quite know what to think, but she ended up getting ice cream afterwards, so all was well. Kayla did say hello to him, but as for Mr. Peanut, mum’s the word. 🙂

Tribute to veterans includes Nashville songwriter Rob Crosby’s prayer for peace

The Crazy Daysies chose to dedicate their weekly show on Thursday to America’s veterans. Among the songs they performed is a tune by Rob Crosby, “‘Til the Last Shot’s Fired.” There’s a small bit of personal history for our family with Crosby, but there’s also a lot of history related to Veterans Day.

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