Amazon goes Sears retro—sort of

Amazon is a company I rely on regularly despite the fact I often disagree with the founder’s politics. In last week’s mail I received a print publication. I immediately thought of Sears Roebuck. Continue reading “Amazon goes Sears retro—sort of”

MU: Perfect podcast for Halloween month

Podcasts are plentiful these days and one that is a real attention getter warrants mentioning. Continue reading “MU: Perfect podcast for Halloween month”

Walmart and me

Before COVID shutdowns, I had rarely if ever ventured into a Walmart. I had of course noted the 2018 controversy when an FBI hireling—an influential man—claimed as he shopped at a Southern Virginia Walmart, he could “SMELL” those who supported a specific presidential candidate. I found that statement bizarre, but paid it little attention. Then one day my husband talked me into shopping at Walmart with him. That experience was quite the eye-opener. Continue reading “Walmart and me”

Writer aims to take super hero down

The whole predicament started innocently. I asked a question and got an answer. Little did I know a super hero would mire me down in a project I am seriously desperate to finish. I have learned when you make a promise involving a super hero, it isn’t always easy to keep it. Continue reading “Writer aims to take super hero down”

Sweeney’s Twitter question evoked memories of poetry on the road

Jon M. Sweeney is one of the Twitter folks I follow because his page is always interesting. He’s rarely off-putting as so many other writers can be. Recently he asked a question that brought back memories of poetry on the road, and I was surprised at how the question stuck with me even after I answered, “Nope.” Continue reading “Sweeney’s Twitter question evoked memories of poetry on the road”