‘March a Mile in Their Boots’ will shine light on suicides in military

Florida native Tara Broocks has organized an effort that is part of a national initiative to raise awareness about preventing suicide among members of the military and veterans.

On Saturday, July 25, supporters of members of our military will ‘March a Mile in Their Boots’ to call attention to suicides among military members. The plight of those who take their own lives and the sheer numbers are a real eye opener. In September, 2019 the US Dept. of Defense published data in a report focusing on prevention. Just how bad is the problem?[Content continues after break and photo]
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My personal ‘poll’ on polls and what media get wrong

The phone rang, and this time, I was in no mood to get another random call after already getting a ‘your auto warranty’ and ‘your credit card rates’ offers.

On the other end of the line was a person who sounded young. He was doing a poll, and he asked me if I’d participate.

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Facebook ‘Live from Ja’Ville’ tonight: A Decade of the Daysies

Special Announcement

Update: You can now watch the video of the live show. It was really nice seeing folks from all over who enjoy the Daysies’ music.

On Thursday, July 16, Rebecca Day and Jennifer Day Thompson who perform as The Crazy Daysies will mark a special date. This is the tenth year performing, with Rebecca starting out solo and Jenn joining her as a duo a couple years later.

The show begins at 6:30 PM (EDT) when ‘Live from Ja’Ville’ begins on Facebook Live.

The Daysies will debut a new song, draw for special giveaways including some donated by Indie Art South, and make announcements about upcoming events.

Tune in and weigh in on the comments.

For this band mom, it’s been quite the journey as I often traveled with them to help with trivialities and serve as roadie. It has been a wild ride.

Read more about what the Daysies are up to on their Facebook page.

The Crazy Daysies 10th Anniversary show 'Live from Ja'Ville
Image used with permission; The Crazy Daysies.

(Kay B. Day/July 16, 2020)

Ten questions media should ask and bureaucrats should answer about COVID-19

If you read news daily, you may come to a conclusion I’ve come to. Most media are so busy doing ‘gotcha’ clickbait stories, it’s hard to find useful information about the Coronavirus aka COVID-19. For instance, one thing that bugs me involves the testing. Continue reading “Ten questions media should ask and bureaucrats should answer about COVID-19”

Ricky Gervais treads dangerous ground on ‘cancel culture’

Ricky Gervais is treading dangerous ground by perfectly pegging the ‘cancel culture’ stealing rights to expression like a mugger coldcocking you in broad daylight. Continue reading “Ricky Gervais treads dangerous ground on ‘cancel culture’”