Vietnam War. (Vets Helping Vets)

Memorial Day origins still debatable, but US honors war dead in unison

Societies have honored those who died in war dating to antiquity. In the US, we pay tribute on the last Monday in May. There is still an argument about who was the first to celebrate Memorial Day in the US, but there is unity in paying homage to those who’ve given their lives for country and flag. In the South when I was a young girl, I remember my grandmother buying artificial poppies from veterans collecting money for various causes on Memorial Day. Because the day was a holiday that demanded little in the way of celebration, everyone had their

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You can follow Sweet Sweet on Twitter (@sweetsweettunes).

Out of Carolina: Sweet Sweet heads to North Florida

Surfing for good music is a daily duty for Indie Art South, and today I wasn’t disappointed. I found a great song by a duo from coastal South Carolina. Sweet Sweet will head to North Florida this weekend for a gig at a venue I’m fond of because I’ve had good times there listening to my daughters perform. The venue, The Green Turtle, is known for quality music and fun times. So what’s so special about Sweet Sweet? 

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orange raisin nut bread from Land O Lakes recipe

As summer looms, food for the road comes to mind

Summer is looming, and many of us will travel by car. Some of us connected to bands, or if we have family in distant states, already travel a lot by car. One thing I’ve learned as a veteran of I 95 and other routes is the fast food can really get old quick. Years ago I began to try to pack some easy fix food items for a couple reasons. 

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Butterfly on plumbago Indie Art South

Band Mom: I never envisioned this phase of motherhood

It’s almost Mother’s Day, so naturally I find myself reflecting on my own journey helping to raise our children. Thanks are due to my husband who set a great example for our daughters. They’re both adults now, and having dealt with everything from teething to teen angst, I find myself in a phase of motherhood I truly never expected. I am Band Mom, and it’s been a doozy of a journey. 

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Still snip from 'Fairytale of New York' with Kirsty MacColl and The Pogues on YouTube.

Tragic death for vocalist, but ‘Fairytale’ endures as epic song

“Fairytale of New York” was among the first songs I chose for my new ‘Set List’ page here at Indie Art South. I’m slightly obsessed with that song. My daughters will confirm that claim, having witnessed me listening to it so many times. It finally occurred to me to learn more about the female vocalist Kirsty MacColl. The song has a small nuance of hope in the lyrics. Sadly, MacColl’s life ended in tragedy. I had no idea. 

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Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean, the duo Ida Mae, opened for Lone Bellow at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall (Florida) April 16, 2018.

In Florida Lone Bellow was the draw, and Ida Mae was a bonus

My daughters Jen and Rebecca, otherwise known as The Crazy Daysies, enjoy going to concerts with their dad who is also a musician. On Monday, all three went to see Lone Bellow, a group we all fell in love with the last time they were in Jacksonville. Lone Bellow didn’t disappoint their fans on April 16, and there was a bonus—Ida Mae. 

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Rose Cade 'Swat the Jinx' girl

Friday the 13th: Bad luck, good luck, and why we take note

Today is Friday the 13th, and in the South, that always spelled bad luck. People didn’t stay inside or act like bad luck was coming. We’d take note it was a day traditionally perceived as unlucky and then go about our business. Why do we even take note of it, though? And why does one megastar consider it her lucky number? 

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Snip from Twitter profile of Dancing Cowboy (@ask4adam)

Who knew San Jose had a Dancing Cowboy and country radio?

Confession time. I didn’t even know San Jose (CA) had a country music station. That’s embarrassing. What’s more interesting? I didn’t know the West Coast had a “Dancing Cowboy” who’s all over country music.  Twitter, despite being a cesspool, does have some bright moments. Dancing Cowboy’s Twitter feed turned out to be a bright moment for me. 

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Ryan Hoback--Hoby's

Hoby’s gets a new home; shop is a First Coast destination must

Hoby’s Honey and General Store is a favorite in our family and for many in the Mandarin community, and the shop’s new location is much more convenient than the old place was. Located in a shopping center Jax residents frequent, Hoby’s will have its grand  opening on Saturday, April 7. I wrote about this indie business in an earlier column. 

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