Does Nashville have a ‘rent is too damn high’ problem?

Nashville has become the destination for many a musician hoping to make it big in country pop. The city once symbolizing traditional country has grown up, and with  that growth have come issues many large cities share. Of late, some may be asking if Nashville has a ‘rent is too damn high’ problem. Continue reading “Does Nashville have a ‘rent is too damn high’ problem?”

Lil Nas X pundits: Egg on their faces on Old Town Road

The Lil Nas X brouhaha continues as pundits at certain publications change their tune on coverage of the ‘Old Town Road’ Billboard controversy by an influential country music website Saving Country Music. I’ve covered this in my own way, but what struck me about the latest developments is the refusal of some pundits to correct the record even when facts prove them wrong. Continue reading “Lil Nas X pundits: Egg on their faces on Old Town Road”

David Spade gives late night talkie fans a new option: ‘Lights Out’

Long ago I stopped watching standard late night talk shows. They’re all the same—silly skits and political hit job jokes. I’m thinking Colbert never got over his sister’s loss in a congressional race. Now there’s a new option for the 11:30 time spot. David Spade’s new late night talkie launches Monday, July 29, on Comedy Central at 11:30 p.m. Will Spade follow suit in the political comedy sphere, or will he do something different? Continue reading “David Spade gives late night talkie fans a new option: ‘Lights Out’”

Twenty One Pilots fans go ‘Deadheads’ on us

Some bands, for whatever reasons, attract fans so loyal they go to as many concerts as possible, following the bands from city to city. Most have heard of the Deadheads loyal to The Grateful Dead and its founder the late Jerry Garcia. Twenty One Pilots, the duo arising from an indie band in Columbus (OH), drew their followers to Jacksonville (FL) this week, ahead of the June 14 concert. It’s not the fact the band drew fans here from out of state or country that is intriguing. It’s the fans’ behavior that attracted coverage from local media. Continue reading “Twenty One Pilots fans go ‘Deadheads’ on us”

New ‘Study’ app to pay you to let Facebook track your apps

Buzz is growing about a new app you can opt into permitting Facebook to track some of your phone data. Facebook plans to pay those who participate—if you’re accepted into the ‘Study’ program. After scandals plagued other similar efforts, Facebook appears to be attempting more transparency with this app. Is it right for you though? Continue reading “New ‘Study’ app to pay you to let Facebook track your apps”

CMA Music Fest Artists: Work for attention instead of money

Cream of Crop stage Thomasville GAAn article about the CMA Music Festival came across my desk, and I was glad to see approximately 300 lesser known artists had the opportunity to perform on “less publicized smaller stages.” The festival is heavily attended, with estimates in the 80,000-100,00 range. Fans pay for tickets. The article at Music LinkUp mentioned something I didn’t know. Artists don’t get paid to perform there. Continue reading “CMA Music Fest Artists: Work for attention instead of money”

Mysterious mail offer a no-brainer, but design is curious

Direct mail solicitations have long been a go-to for US businesses, political parties, and others. When you get an offer in the mail, it’s likely that offer is the product of artists, graphic designers, writers, and marketing specialists. We just got the quirkiest direct mail piece ever—so quirky I was hesitant to open it. The offer contained in the letter—that’s one of the key components designed to get you to act on the offer—is a complete no-brainer. The whole package is quite mysterious. Continue reading “Mysterious mail offer a no-brainer, but design is curious”

Coming to Jax? Shop local arts and farmers’ markets

The image of the guitar on my piano is the photo I use for the Indie Art South Facebook page. I found the guitar at Jacksonville’s Riverside Arts Market one Saturday a couple years ago. My daughters were doing music there, and I had a great time looking at many different works of arts and crafts. Jacksonville is such a big city in terms of land area, it’d be hard to come up with a comprehensive list of all the local arts markets. I’ve settled for pointing out a few I’m familiar with. Continue reading “Coming to Jax? Shop local arts and farmers’ markets”

Nashville blowout: Eric Church sets record despite last year’s brouhaha

Eric Church 'Double Down Tour' promo photo from
Eric Church ‘Double Down Tour’ promo photo from

Nashville star Eric Church must be on top of the world right now. Church, the come-from-behind guy who was once dropped by Rascal Flatts during a tour, set records for audience totals on May 25 at Nissan Stadium in the city famous for country and now country pop.

Defying critics’ predictions, Church managed to deflect a lot of criticism leveled at him after a Rolling Stone piece featured some of the singer’s political pronouncements less than one year ago. Continue reading “Nashville blowout: Eric Church sets record despite last year’s brouhaha”

Study abuse: ‘Smarter people listen to instrumental music’ (in Croatia)

Abstracts and releases about study results proliferate these days, and scribes who write for news sites often don’t go beyond the excerpts. Now some media are running stories about a study done on “high school students”, with results indicating “intelligence to be a significant predictor of the preference for instrumental music, but not of the preference for vocal-instrumental music.” Genres of instrumental music cited by The NY Post include “jazz, classical, big band and ambient/electronica.”  If you buy into this sweeping statement, it’s a good idea to consider relevancies, some of them pointed out by the study author who is a PhD student at Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom. Continue reading “Study abuse: ‘Smarter people listen to instrumental music’ (in Croatia)”