The needy artist: Equipment and wares

I have memories of doing book tours, and some of those memories aren’t the stuff sweet dreams are made of.  Even though I had a traditional publisher, if I was speaking at a small event, it was up to me to transport books, bio materials, and any other handouts related to my work. I quickly learned the importance of transport, a matter I’d never thought about as a budding writer.

With days to go, Cara Burky’s Blue Jay Listening Room nears fruition

Creatives are most definitely what I’ve come to call “thinkative” people. We come up with all manner of ideas, but as with everything else in life, the value is in the doing. Jacksonville Beach currently has a thinkative musician implementing a sensational idea. With just a little bit of help, this pioneer’s dream can become a reality and our community will benefit too.

Indie artists: Do you have a written plan?

When I was in college, I took a job with a successful businessman. I worked for him for years, until I got a job in media. I often joked I should have paid him for an education instead of the university I went to. I learned many things from him, but one of the most valuable was also one of the simplest. 

Self employed? Document health insurance or exemption

Independent artists who are self-employed face a dilemma each year. It’s necessary to carry health insurance on yourself because not doing so makes you subject to a tax penalty. Several artists who are self-employed have told me they have to search for a new insurance plan each year. The bottom line, though, has to do with getting your paperwork right. 

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