Familiar and not-so-familiar travel tips for the holidays

We are frequent ‘road trippers’ because of out of state family and because of the Daysies’ travel schedule, so I’ve learned a few things along the way. I thought I’d share my travel tips. Some are familiar and some are unfamiliar, but they have served us well. First, there’s the obvious. 

Depeche Mode capitalizes on Deadheads model

Depeche Mode isn’t technically an indie band, but the UK group known for its electronic music is a lesson in learning for any band aspiring to break out of the pop culture abyss. Depeche hasn’t chalked up first place on US charts, but Bloomberg News said the band “is selling more concert tickets than the biggest pop stars in the world.” Step aside, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. What’s the secret?

Can membership in a professional organization help an indie musician?

If you’re an indie musician, it probably sometimes seems like you’re climbing the steepest mountain on our planet. It’s true you can network with other musicians, but it’s also true you probably have moments when you feel completely alone. Can membership in a professional organization help an indie musician gain ground? 

With latest ‘sexcapade’ firing, do indies see opportunity ahead?

As a long time observer and chronicler of culture, I’ve often wondered how much farther pop culture can descend. Courtesy of the mass entertainment complex, we’ve been subject to mishaps with a bra on a Super Bowl stage, the perpetual dehumanization of the individual purely for sexual purposes, and a positively reviewed big film that begins with a child’s torture. Recently news feeds also brought breaking news on a Victoria’s Secret model who fell on the runway, “but recovered.” I ask you. What else could she do? It’s strange that we focus on content like this when so much else

Turn to indie artists for unique gifts

With the Christmas season approaching, we’ll all probably buy more gifts than we anticipated. This year, instead of hitting the ‘click’ button for a mass-produced item, consider doing something different. At the very least, you likely won’t have to worry about your recipient already having one of what you’re giving. 

Improve Your Songwriting in Three Steps

Independent musicians earning weekly paychecks playing in bars know their fair share of cover songs. More and more, indie artists are learning about the revenue opportunities for original music through streaming services like Spotify. Original music can take a musician’s business and brand to the next level. It’s not always easy to translate the creative musings in our minds to lyrics and melody, but here are three ways to start improving your songwriting right now.

Psycho-thriller wraps in Jax as Sioux Falls gets attention for indie film action

Production on the film I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday has officially wrapped, with editing and post-production work still ahead. Those of us who eagerly await the premiere will get to see the film in 2018. As North Florida filmmakers do their best to get their works to market, a distant city is gaining attention for coalescing the community around an industry that will only grow as technology makes filmmaking more accessible and indie artists gain ground. That distant city’s climate and population are very different than Jacksonville, Florida’s.

Brain freeze? Here are five ways to get inspired

As an independent artist, new material is what breathes life into your business. Whether you’re a visual artist, musician or writer, keeping your audience engaged by creating content is possibly the most important rule of success. Maybe it’s the chaos of day to day life that hampers your creativity, or maybe the pressure to make something beautiful is limiting your efforts. Writers’ block doesn’t just happen to writers, and most artists have encountered some form of it. As an independent musician taking care of a family and home while trying to contribute to our brand and business, I sometimes find

To Tweet or Not? Now you can say more

Twitter, a social media platform heavy on sports, politics, and entertainment, finally caved to the often expressed request for more than 140 characters in a post. Now that the option has expanded, questions arise. Is it worth your time as an indie artist to use Twitter? Will Tweeting help bring people out to your gig, or to purchase your crafts?

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