Lewis aims for country roots with ‘Sinner’

Aaron Lewis 'Sinner'
Aaron Lewis recently released his album ‘Sinner’.

Aaron Lewis, familiar to many as lead vocalist in the band Staind, is aiming for country music roots as the genre is increasingly affected by creeping pop. Lewis’ latest album, Sinner, released recently, includes the song ‘That Ain’t Country’, an ode to a style of music that is based on heritage and to some degree, geography in the sense of ties to an agrarian culture, past or present.

Lewis’ criticism of some artists who are taking the country out of country is well-placed.  Continue reading “Lewis aims for country roots with ‘Sinner’”

Crazy Daysies, craftsmakers highlight Fall Festival

Mark Goldwich
Mark Goldwich, chair for the Mandarin Fall Festival, tastes a sampler of the chili entered in the competition.

The Mandarin Council of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce held the Fall Festival and Chili Cookoff on November 19, with visitors coming from near and far.

On a perfect fall day, guests enjoyed music, the opportunity to taste many different kinds of chili, and also do some early Christmas shopping among an eclectic assortment of crafts and other goods for sale by indie artists and vendors.

The Crazy Daysies duo, Rebecca Day and Jennifer Day Thompson, performed country, pop, and Americana tunes as people strolled through the marketplace on San Jose Blvd.  Continue reading “Crazy Daysies, craftsmakers highlight Fall Festival”

Creatives, Odd?Rod converge at ‘mindBLOWN’

A trio of talented creatives in poetry, music, and comedy will converge in Jacksonville (FL) on Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016 at the historic Theatre Jacksonville. The three-hour show (8-11 p.m.) mindBLOWN features nationally acclaimed poet Odd?Rod (Borisade), ‘comedy mentalist’ Sean Bott and the band Radio Love.  Continue reading “Creatives, Odd?Rod converge at ‘mindBLOWN’”

Start each day with a YDP poem in your email—for free!

Jayne Jaudon Ferrer at an event with Mayhem Poets.
Jayne Jaudon Ferrer at an event with Mayhem Poets.

Jayne Jaudon Ferrer is a writer of many talents—best selling poet, novelist, and webmaster at the popular Your Daily Poem website.  YDP can help your day get off to a great start, for free.  Continue reading “Start each day with a YDP poem in your email—for free!”