Photo: @AHImusic on Twitter

Music for a Friday: Meet Ahi, if you haven’t already

I spend a lot of time reading about music and listening to it. I do this because of my daughters’ business but also because I love music. I met Ahi not long ago by way of a blog I read. I have these Emily Dickinson moments when I find a song that just thrusts itself into my heart. I feel the same way when I find a poem that is a real poem instead of the artificial word games so many academics have reduced that genre to. When I found Ahi’s “Breaking Ground,” I got that Emily thing going. 

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Photo of Social Distortion by Illa Zilla

Advice to musicians: Don’t beat up fans like this singer allegedly did

Depending on the type of music, concerts can sometimes go south very quickly. Now there’s a story breaking about a punk rock singer who allegedly spit in a fan’s face and then allegedly proceeded to hit the man too. The dustup was about politics, ever-present today in some music scenes partly as a means of the band catering to the corporate machine controlling their revenue. How’d it all get started?

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Crazy Daysies Rebecca Day and Jen Day Thompson (photo: Joel Molotzak Photography)

Daysies Live from the Big Orange to benefit cancer charity

What does a band do when there’s a rare Friday night off? Find a way to make music, of course. This Friday, August 17, at 7:30 PM, the Crazy Daysies will go live on Facebook to help raise money  for the American Cancer Society. David Thompson, husband of Jennifer, is heading up the fundraiser for his firm. David is an associate at Coker Law. This event on Facebook may yield some surprises.

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Film poster 'I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday'

Indie film a spectacular mix of drama, suspense, horror and dark comedy

By Jen Day Thompson Durden Godfrey’s I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday premiered in Jacksonville with a sold out, one-night-only event at the downtown Public Library on Thursday, August 9th, 2018. For months, Facebook followers had seen teasers and promotional posts about the film, sparking interest, conversation and even a shout out from James Murray of television’s Impractical Jokers. Based on crowd response as the film ended Thursday, viewers were not disappointed. Godfrey’s film premiere started with a red carpet pre-party and cocktails. Guests’ photos were made on the red carpet upon entering and everyone enjoyed drinks and

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Film premiere "I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday"

Jax indie film opens to a packed house and packed downtown

It was bad enough I already had a commitment for the premiere of the indie film produced in Jax, I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday. It was a good thing my older daughter Jennifer Day Thompson agreed to cover the premiere for the film. This morning when I asked her how it went, she said, “It was a packed house.” The film did not disappoint. Obviously, we have a community here willing to support indie art.

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Celtic Cross

Freaky: Did our ancestors ‘talk’ to my daughter and me?

Sometimes life is stranger than art. An experience with a new song Rebecca wrote this week caused me to stop and reflect for a moment. It has to do with Celts, sirens, and whatever might be lurking in our DNA. Is there passive consciousness of heritage? 

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Photo courtesy Rebecca Day Music/the Crazy Daysies

It’s personal: Rebecca explores faith and roots with “Living Room Blues”

I write about all types of artists, but this article is personal. Rebecca Day, vocalist and guitarist for The Crazy Daysies, will soon release a song that took her on a journey into faith and roots. The song is a personal reflection on what her faith means, and it was partly inspired by frustration. Have you ever sat in church and become frustrated with politics in the pulpit? I have, and so have others. “Living Room Blues and Faith” was in part inspired by that experience.

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Twitter redemption: Today I ‘met’ Charlie Shafter

If you know me, you’ve heard me call Twitter a ‘cesspool.’ That’s one of the few absolutes I believe. Yet every day I do a drive-by (or a few) on that site to keep up with music and news. I often roll my eyes at some of the Tweets. But every now and then Twitter redeems itself because I learn about musicians I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise. Today I ‘met’ Charlie Shafter, and once again, I proclaimed Twitter’s (temporary) redemption. 

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Via Twitter, Joe Kelly with Cat Country 107.3 invited Cody Wolfe to call him.

There’s a flip side to the dustup between Cody Wolfe and Cat Country 107.3

There’s a good reason for that frequently used term ‘allegedly.’ There was a good reason I used it more than once in a recent article about a dustup country artist Cody Wolfe had with radio station 107.3 (Cat Country/WPUR) in south New Jersey. There’s a flip side to the story after a phone conversation I had with program/music director Joe Kelly. 

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