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Nancy Wilson Buckler CD $12

CD by Nancy Wilson Buckler
CD by Nancy Wilson Buckler

Nancy Wilson Buckler’s first EP. Five songs, including “Hello from Heaven”. Easy listening, inspirational lyrics, and awesome vocals.




Derelict $14

Derelict by Rebecca Day
Image of ‘Derelict’ book cover courtesy of author.

First novel from Rebecca Day, singer-songwriter frontwoman for The Crazy Daysies. A mystery-romance:

“Cassy Cordoba remembers the day her father died because of a case he couldn’t solve. Her entire career as a police officer, following in her father’s footsteps, has led up to this point.Now, as Liberty’s newly hired lead detective, she’s going back to where it all began. Missing teens presumed to be runaways. Uncooperative fellow officers. Media outlets that vilified her father’s fervent attempts to bring a dark side of the sleepy town to light. Cassy vows to close the case her father didn’t have the chance to. But can she do it without succumbing to the same fate?”

CD Mile Markers The Crazy Daysies

$12 Mile Markers CD

Mile Markers limited edition CD by The Crazy Daysies; anthology of most popular Swampytonk and Americana original songs, including “Until I Win”, “Stick a Lime in It”, and “Drinking Down You”. $12



Read more about The Crazy Daysies.

A Poetry BreakA Poetry Break full collection by Kay B. Day $12

Award-winning collection of sonnets and other verse forms by Kay B. Day;
Introduction by Ruth Daigon. Best Poetry Book, 2004,
Florida Writers Association
Finalist, USA Best Books 2004
Nominee (one of four) for Best Poetry Book, 2005
Southeastern Booksellers’ Association

Memoir Killing Earl by Kay B. DayKilling Earl $12

A personal memoir about a medical mystery and a tween; by Kay B. Day.
2nd place, FSA Letters Competition, 2005 National
League of American Pen Women
Category: Published Books

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Mike Hamilton/This Guy Multimedia

Mike Hamilton with Rebecca Day
Mike Hamilton (right) with Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies; on left).

*Mike passed away recently, and we are leaving this in our Market because no one did more for indie artists in our area than he did. We miss him every single day.

For all your photography needs such as special events, weddings, and other celebrations, Hamilton is available. He’s also the go-to for bands in North Florida who need good bio and other publicity photographs. Hamilton is available for all your special events needs.

Contact him via This Guy Multimedia on Facebook where you can also view photo albums of many different bands and musicians.



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