About Indie Art South

About Indie Art South

I created Indie Art South after traveling the band circuit for a couple of years with my daughters who record and perform across the South as The Crazy Daysies.

Kay B. Day profile pic
Kay B. Day/profile pic by Joshua Knight

I didn’t know a lot of indie musicians before, but now I’ve come to know many. Often the music I hear by an up and comer at a festival or other venue far exceeds the quality of cookie cutter art I hear and see on radio, TV, or the Web.

I decided to create a site where I could share my experiences as “Band Mom”, and share information about all the talented artists I encounter. Getting coverage from media is difficult for indies, so hopefully, this site will help bring new talent more attention. That’s one of my goals.

By way of introduction, I’ve been a writer all my life, first working on the top state outdoor magazine in the nation and then serving as communications director for the SC Forestry Association. I also worked as a contract writer for the SC Natural Resources Dept., on Nongame and Endangered Species and special natural area projects.

As a freelancer, my work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and on websites such as the Pulitzer-winning Christian Science Monitor (print and online), Coastal Homes, Sky News, United Press International, and many others. For years I wrote a regular column for the nation’s oldest trade mag for writers, The Writer (print and online).

Kay B. Day books
Books by Kay B. Day include ‘A Poetry Break’ and ‘Killing Earl.’ Anthologies including Day’s work and work by other authors include ‘Faces of Freedom’, ‘The Writer’s Handbook’, ‘The New Writer’s Handbook’, ‘Letters to the World’, and various other texbooks and educational materials. All are traditionally published.

I authored two traditionally published books, Killing Earl (nonfiction/memoir) and A Poetry Break. My poetry book won the Florida Writer’s Association award for poetry and it was one of several books nominated by the Southeastern Booksellers Association as poetry book of the year.

Nonfiction anthologies containing my work include Faces of Freedom, The Writer’s Handbook, and textbooks.

I also edited an award-winning pharmaceutical journal for a decade, and I’ve provided content to criminal justice organizations. I served as writer-in-residence for a project created by a major teaching hospital.

My poetry is published in journals like the magazine published by the Florida Council of Teachers of English, and on Web sites and in magazines like Foliate Oak, Pif, ByLine and Fairfield Review. It’s included in anthologies like Letters to the World and in text materials created by educational publishers. I’ve done poems on TV, at live events and on public radio. A special moment for me was reading at the U.S. Library of Congress in Washington for Florida Poets Arrive.

I was honored to serve as senior media analyst for The Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention held in Charleston, S.C. in 2010, and I composed a special poem in honor of that event and those who received the medal.

Causes I advocate for are the military, small businesses, at-risk youth and government reform.

My professional memberships include acceptance in the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.

I speak to groups by invitation and do radio appearances about media and the news business, as well as writing.

Regarding your privacy

At present there are no ads on this site. The ‘i’ inside the circle in your address bar (if you’re using Google’s browser) is a designation I do not understand. I don’t track visitors, other than via the general stats tally WordPress provides. I decided not to pay extra to have that ‘i’ removed*. I view it as another obstacle tech giants have thrown at indie publishers. I don’t share your email address, should you provide one on a comment or feedback email, with anyone.
[*Update: Sept. 5, 2018: I paid to have the ‘i’ removed. We are hostages of tech titans now.]

Submissions and tips

Both are welcomed. Please use the contact form on this site. I do read all email as long as it involves a submission or news tip. All others are sent to the SPAM folder.

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