Muddy media waters: CNN ‘legal analyst’ gets tangled in her ‘lie’

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The media talker CNN calls a ‘legal analyst’ got tripped by her own ‘lie’ today when she made a truly remarkable statement. That statement has to do with the First Amendment and limits on government power over speech. That amendment applies to the speech of all—from us quasi-Kulaks all the way over to political class members like the analyst who is the subject of this story.

You don’t need to know her name although it’s widely publicized right now. She’s one of the many who hold a ridiculous amount of influence over those who follow TV politics. I am not among those.  I read, and I watch virtually no news on TV. I even get my local news from the station websites.

What lie did the CNN analyst tell? Here you go:

“You don’t have a First Amendment right to lie. You don’t have a First Amendment right to put people in danger.”

If that statement was true, there would be no political campaigns. Ever. All candidates lie, intentionally or not.

Presidents lie, intentionally or not. Neither former president Barack Obama or his then-vice president Joe Biden corrected a lie that impacted millions of Americans’ health insurance.

The practice of lying is quite bipartisan.

The First Amendment places no criteria on truth—only on the right to express thoughts without government interference. The Atlantic rightfully took former President Donald Trump to task over his statements about the First Amendment.

For years, writer Glenn Greenwald has taken government officials to task, regardless of party, for deception. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t read writers like Greenwald.

Instead, people line up in front of their favorite TV station and listen as the pundits preach to the choir. Americans are like the Super Bowl when it comes to their TV politics, with both sides lining up to soak up whatever they want to hear.

I’ve often said if you really want to know what government is doing, go read government websites—regulations, rules, executive orders and such. Very few do that. Forget party platforms—they’re pure rhetoric designed to please loyalists. Look at what the people you elect actually do.

CNN’s analyst did correct her statement. She had to because—drumroll—she was caught in her own lie.

If you want to read more, check out The Daily Caller’s article on the errant analyst.

If you want to know what a ‘Kulak’ was, read a history book, or you can take the short route and read about the demise of the Kulaks at Brittanica.

Now that we’ve started trying to impeach former presidents, it’d be a good idea to consider doing that for every living prez who’s part of the good old boys’ club. Because every single one of them, including those who have passed on, have at some point told whoppers.

Opinion by Kay B. Day/February 2, 2021


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