Daysies update: Shows, recording, new vids

The Crazy Daysies Rebecca Day and Jenn Day Thompson
(L to R) Jenn Day Thompson, Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies) with Jared Rush (Third Man Entertainment)
Getting ready to perform at the Tiffany Show December 2: (L to R) Jennifer Day Thompson and Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies) with Jared Rush (Third Man Entertainment). Photo: Indie Art South.

It’s been awhile since I updated everyone on The Crazy Daysies. What with the COVID shutdowns, we’ve all had a serious adjustment. The good news is performances are becoming more common, and they’ve had plenty of time to work on recordings and new videos.

The Daysies recently released a lyric video of their original song “Drinking Down You”, recorded on their limited run CD Where the Dirt Runs Out of Road, and the video is now up on YouTube. YouTube will be getting more attention from the Daysies this year, but content will also continue to be posted on their Facebook page.

Durden Godfrey, with Pitseleh Pictures, crafted the lyric video, and he also shot the Daysies’ current cover photo (shown here as featured photo) on their Facebook page. Pitseleh has a very cool special going right now—portraits in the park on Valentine’s Day for a really good price. Details on the portrait opportunity are posted on the Facebook page linked in this paragraph.

On Thursday, February 11 at 6:30 PM EDT, the Daysies will host a Valentine’s Day special livestream on Facebook. One highlight of this show is a result of my request. I love their original song “Burn Out This Flame,” and I suggested upping the tempo a bit. I also thought maybe they could perform it this way during this show and get some feedback.

Another video will soon be released, and the duo are heading to a studio to record new music. The girls are looking at area studios now and they’ll let everyone know release dates as soon as all is resolved.

Live performances are coming up in Florida and Georgia. The next show will be at The Falcon’s Nest at Amelia Village Circle at Fernandina Beach on Friday, February 5. Additional dates and venues will be posted on their Facebook page.

Somewhere in between all that, Rebecca will host a meeting of the Bastiat Society. Rebecca founded the Jacksonville chapter of this group—it’s Florida’s only chapter.

Thanks are due all the radio stations who play the Daysies’ music. The latest to do so is Black Dog Indie Radio. Indie radio provides an option for those of us tired of hearing pop pap.

Otherwise, we’re all still dealing with limiting our in-person social scope as COVID strains continue to challenge the world. Pandora’s Box is no longer a myth.

We send sympathy and prayers to the family of Susan Sirman. Susan passed away this week—she was one of the Daysies’ longtime supporters and a family friend. She was mom to Jennifer’s best friend in Florida, the late Tara Richardson. She will be in our hearts, just as Tara is, forever.

As the holiday for love approaches, let’s try to spread some goodwill to everyone we encounter. The news may portray us as a conflicted people, but down here in the real world, I think we get along pretty good. Kindness goes a long way—it never fails.

Finally, remember that at a time when tech controls the content you see and hear, we little people do have some options. Sharing indie content is your single most powerful weapon in combatting censorship and content control. So please share articles, music, photos, and other art as much as possible. That helps to diversify our culture and it also helps our indie artists.

(Kay B. Day/Feb. 4, 2021)

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