In our house, Charlie the Golden is top dog on video

Charlie the golden 18 retriever

I bumped into a YouTube channel, Charlie the Golden 18, and as a result, Charlie is the top dog on video in our house. Even my husband, self-proclaimed dog lover skeptic, laughs aloud at Charlie’s antics. It’s not just the charisma of the pup and his fellow critters, though.

The charm in these videos relates to the incredible talent of the owner who captions and edits.

These videos aren’t your typical ‘look at this cool dog trick’ compositions. These videos stand out because the captions feature what the owner thinks the dog may be thinking, and in human terms, saying. Among my favorites are the moments Charlie sees his fellow dogs do something unusual. The dog’s response is often framed as “What the fluff?”

Another slice of humor is a new soft pejorative—“heckin’”. That is funny.

The ‘about’ section on Charlie’s YouTube channel says he lives in Springfield, Ohio. I wasn’t able to find out anything else, but you can find his vids on YouTube and I also see them on Facebook.

Recently Charlie’s channel featured a roundup of 2020 with Charlie and his fellow pets thinking all manner of funny things expressed in the captions.

Charlie’s YouTube channel has 52.5 thousand subscribers. I’d say the human behind that channel is doing the world a favor. Amid all the negative posts and anger on social media as well as the ‘outrage of the day’ approach many vloggers take, Charlie’s channel creator brings us dog lovers moments of pure joy because most of us, at some point in our pets’ lives, put words in their mouths when we see them do something funny or unusual.

Featured Photo: Snipped from Charlie the Golden 18 on YouTube

(Kay B. Day/Jan. 18, 2021)

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