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Let’s face it. Our current “free” press isn’t so free. Most people working in news actively promote various government narratives in reportage. There are some spicy stories out there though, and if you want to stay on top of investigations across the country, there’s a page I will recommend.

Real Clear Politics’ Investigations page curates stories about all sorts of topics. Currently on tap are a story about a VP at Columbia University alleged to have had sexual relations with a “child under 13” (never mind improper use of ‘under’), a California auditor who made the mistake of informing the government there was a significant amount of money missing,  and an activist who made up tales about a rescued dog’s abuse.

You can find these stories and many more at RCP’s Investigations page. Note the activist story is published by Yahoo News. I will not link to Yahoo News; I believe that organization is basically a politics rag and objectivity is nowhere to be found there.

At any rate, if you’re like me, you’re becoming pickier about whom to trust in the current news media cesspool. I confess there are very few writers I trust in that sector, but I usually find reliable content at Real Clear Investigations. Both sides of the media aisle are represented, and I make it a point to read writers whose government loyalty I am at odds with.

RCP also has sections on education, religion, science, and more. One worthy read is a piece by Kerry Toloczko about bias in healthcare reportage. Personally speaking, that bias seems outrageous to me but if you worship government-as-god, I guess you’ll buy whatever government scribes are selling. This caught my eye—I already knew this more or less because of the organizations I’ve belonged to for years:

“During the 2016 presidential cycle, four organizations studied journalists’ political donations and found they averaged 95 percent Democrat over Republican. In 2013, only seven percent of reporters identified as Republican, and there is no indication it has changed.”

Thus when you’re yelling at your TV set or computer screen, bear in mind news media in the US are a one-party property.

(Kay B. Day/January 12, 2021)

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