Tiffany, the Daysies, and my anniversary memory

(Left to Right) Jennifer Day Thompson, Tiffany, and Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies).

When Rebecca told me she and Jennifer would be opening for Tiffany in December, I recalled the 80s and Tiffany’s cover of Tommy James and the Shondells’ hit “I Think We’re Alone Now.” The performance was scheduled the week of my wedding anniversary, so my husband and I made the decision to go see the show as a celebration (Story continues after photo).

The Crazy Daysies Rebecca Day (left) and Jennifer Day Thompson on stage; poster advert for Tiffany show
The Crazy Daysies Rebecca Day (left) and Jennifer Day Thompson do an early sound check before doors open for Tiffany’s first show of three at Beachfront Grille in Flagler Beach, FL. (Photo: Jared Rush, Third Man Entertainment)

This outing was the first time we’d been to a performance since March and the COVID breakout.

When we arrived, I realized the impact that virus has had on our habits. I saw longtime fans of the Daysies there—normally I’d have hugged some of those folks. Sadly, hugs are out for now and we have to settle on eye smiles, air kisses/hugs and warm greetings. (Story continues after photo.)

Crazy Daysies Jennifer Day Thompson (left), Rebecca Day (center) with Jared Rush of Third Man Entertainment.
Crazy Daysies Jennifer Day Thompson (left), Rebecca Day (center) with Jared Rush of Third Man Entertainment. (Photo: Indie Art South)

Along for the outing was Jared Rush of Third Man Entertainment. J-Rush as we call him has long been part of our creative activities, and last night was no exception. He handled social media, logistics, and photos. By the time the Daysies took the stage, we’d settled in with a drink. (Story continues after photo.)

Rebecca Day (left) and Jennifer Day Thompson (right) warm up the audience for main act Tiffany Dec. 2, 2020
Rebecca Day (left) and Jennifer Day Thompson (right) warm up the audience for main act Tiffany Dec. 2, 2020. (Photo: Indie Art South)

The Beachfront Grille in Flagler Beach did a great job configuring the setup. There was room between each table in our section. Servers capably kept up with orders so there was no packed line at the bar. The food was very good, and staff were all friendly and accommodating.

The Foodie Groupies of Flagler Beach organized the 3-night concert event by Tiffany, moving it from The Hammock because demand for tickets necessitated a larger venue. A large tent put a dent in the cold wind blowing fiercely from the ocean. We were comfortable and I felt precautions were done sensibly as far as spacing went.

The Daysies did my favorite new songs and old songs—they mostly did their own music. A big surprise for me, however, was hearing them do “Cover me Up” by Jason Isbell. I’m accustomed to hearing Rebecca sing that song with Wes Goode, and I love the way they do it. What I wasn’t prepared for was the take Rebecca put on it and the fact the song is perfect for her voice. It was a beautiful moment for us, and we were touched she noted our special day before she sang it.

Jennifer said it was “phenomenal to open for someone who is such an icon…we were honored to receive such a warm welcome.”

The audience seemed to really enjoy the Daysies, and we enjoyed seeing so many of the folks who’ve supported their music from the beginning.

Rebecca loved performing for fans who are active on the Daysies’ Facebook page—“It’s all about playing my music and connecting with the audience. That’s what I love to do, whether I’m opening for a pop star or playing in a dive bar.”

Something else drew my attention. Bling.

Frank Reubel Designs (South Daytona) displayed some of their custom jewelry. It is absolutely beautiful, every piece I saw. The company was founded in 1972 by Mr. Reubel and his son runs it now. Mr. Reubel told me the company has won 18 Jeweler’s Choice Awards for their work, and if you look at their creations, you’ll see why. (Story continues after photo.)

Jewelry by Frank Reubel Designs
Frank Reubel Designs displayed some of their custom jewelry at the Tiffany Show December 2, 2020. (Photo: Indie Art South)

Jared summed up my feelings about the night when he expressed his own take. “I grew up listening to Tiffany,” he said, “and it was definitely surreal to see her and meet her. It was amazing to see people who paid to see Tiffany and who’d never heard of The Crazy Daysies embrace them in a sincere way. Truly magical, it was, to see them connect with strangers.”

By the time Tiffany took the stage, my husband and I could only stay for a little while longer. We had two dogs back home and they can’t go but so long without someone taking them out. We were an hour or so from Jax, so once five hours elapsed, we had to head back. Jennifer, Rebecca, and Jared stayed to listen more, but at least I got to hear a couple songs by Tiffany. Jennifer said when Tiffany sang her signature hit, people in the audience sang along.

A hat tip is due Jimmy Lodise. Jimmy ran sound for the Daysies and it was done very well. His band, Resting Beach Face, opens for Tiffany on Friday, Dec. 4.

My husband and I have celebrated many anniversaries, some in big ways and some in small ways. Some stand out more than others, but it was refreshing to attend a performance and feel almost normal after all these months of COVID sequestering.

Another hat tip goes to The Foodie Groupies who promote Flagler Beach restaurants, bars, and nearby venues. The evening was well-planned and most pleasurable. I’ll always remember this anniversary because for us, it was a slice of normalcy in a year fraught with lack of normalcy, a reminder that sometimes common things like just being out for a night together is a blessing.

Photo(s) credit to Jared Rush, Third Man Entertainment

(Kay B. Day/Dec. 3, 2020)

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