Tired of old social media? Come see my new hangout

I admit I’ve grown highly annoyed at the schizoid nature of what I guess we could call legacy social media. Twitter and Facebook have just about done me in. Both sites are powerful actors in US politics and culture, but they’re also beholding to some of the worst regimes on the planet because they’re willing to compromise principles of freedom for profits.

Those aren’t the only reasons I wanted a new place. A major factor involves leftwing extremists who are knee jerk censors. No one who loves liberty can like censorship. Only those who cherish authoritarianism want to control what you say or write.

MeWe comes highly recommended by some of my real-life friends who say this site is far better when it comes to privacy and there is no censorship. When I saw Rolling Stone express concerns because there isn’t any censorship, that was also a great recommendation to me because if a leftwing magazine bashes a site for not censoring people, well, that site sounds good to me.

So  come see me and let me know if you’re on MeWe too. My friend count stands at one right now. I just joined today and my page at mewe.com/i/kayday3. Looking forward to seeing you.

(Kay B. Day/Nov. 9, 2020)

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