Thanksgiving surprise: Who tried to change the day?

Thanksgiving Scene

Every year we mark the last Thursday in November as our US version of giving thanks. Humans have done for a very long time in different ways and with different labels. Courtesy of an article in the Old Farmer’s Almanac, I learned a few things about one of my favorite holidays. Which president began the custom of celebrating the last November Thursday as our special day of thanks? Which president tried to change it and then backed off?

Who was the woman who got Turkey Day rolling in the first place? I didn’t know the answers, and I found the OFA account interesting because I never knew Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of my least favorite presidents, tampered with a holiday that had already taken root long before he dove into the Great Depression with disastrous policy results.

Check out  the article Sarah Josepha Hale: The Godmother of Thanksgiving at OFM for some history tidbits.

Meanwhile here in Florida at my house I won’t be doing turkey and stuffing. We live in a coastal city, so our meat course will be shrimp and scallops with root vegetable sides and of course, pumpkin pie. My immediate family is small, and I grew tired of trying to find ways to use up all the turkey we’d usually have left over.

Mother Nature is smiling on us and we’ll be able to gather out back on the deck. My husband had the deck covered as a birthday gift to me, so even if rain popped up, we’d still be able to enjoy some fresh air.

From all of us in my circle to all of you in yours, Happy Thanksgiving! And gratitude to Mrs. Hale for an idea that changed our country in a good way.

(Kay B. Day/Nov. 25, 2020)


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