First time father and former Nashville reject basking in bliss and glory

Dwight Yoakam 2008

For Dwight Yoakam, fatherhood came in a manner similar to his success with music—a bit later than most count on. As he began his career, Yoakam found little interest for his unique style of music in Nashville. The last laugh is on country’s Tinseltown.

Now Yoakam would be welcome anywhere. As with his music career, Yoakam was in no rush to start a family. He and his wife Emily Joyce welcomed son Dalton in August. Yoakam isn’t your typical country or “hillbilly” music star. A note about his first album might inspire any indie artist.

Did you know Yoakam self-financed his breakout album? He did. What Nashville ignored, Los Angeles welcomed. That first album led to Yoakam’s video featuring the song “Honky Tonk Man” becoming the first country song video aired on MTV.

Since leaving Nashville for L.A., Yoakam has had nothing but success. He proved himself a talented actor too. Who could ever forget his role in the phenomenal film Sling Blade? Yoakam also launched a Sirius channel and a food company, Bakersfield Biscuits. Yoakam’s show on Sirius, Bakersfield Beat, features numerous talented musicians and is a hit with his fans who keep up with him on his Facebook page.

I discovered Yoakam’s music years ago. I grew up hearing traditional country music, but it didn’t strike my fancy until I was an adult. Once I heard songs like “I Sang Dixie” and “Guitars, Cadillacs”, I was hooked. The way he moved to the music—yep, tight jeans do please—and his amazing voice drew me right in. The fact pop central—Nashville—originally rejected Yoakam made him all the more attractive to me as a fan.

Last night as I sat on the deck watching it pour rain and whip wind, my husband was scrolling around on YouTube. He landed on an old country music show—I don’t know which one—and there was Dwight Yoakam doing his thing. I listened spellbound.

Congratulations to Dwight Yoakam and his wife Emily Joyce on their wedding this year and  baby boy this summer. There’s much in life that’s worth a wait.

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Dirk Hansen, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

(Kay B. Day/Nov. 12, 2020)

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