TTFT rolls out celeb guests as stars from ‘Us’ join Halloween show

Promo art for TTFT Halloween show on YouTube

Durden Godfrey and Taurean Royal have a knack for getting celebrity guests on their recently rolled out show, TTFT on YouTube.

TTFT Durden Godfrey, Taurean Royal
Taurean Royal (left) and Durden Godfrey host the weekly Thursday show on YouTube, ‘TTFT’. (Still snip from video)

In addition to Godfrey and Royal’s irreverent take on films created by celebs and by indies, guests weigh in about the films they starred in and the industry they’re a part of. If you watch the weekly show, you’ll soon learn nothing is off limits for the hosts and you’ll also learn some interesting tidbits about popular films like Black Panther. Two guests slated for the TTFT Halloween show starred in the 2019 film Us, a radically profitable work made on a relatively small budget. Who are the actors Godfrey and Royal will interview?

Lon Gowan played the role of Don (his tether was Joseph) in Us. Gowan also took the role of the mailman in the 2020 release Call of the Wild starring Harrison Ford.

Napiera Groves portrayed Dr. Foster in Us. Groves has also performed in popular TV shows like How I Met Your Mother and she portrayed Molly Ryan in the film Airborne.

Gowan and Groves will be guests on TTFT’s Halloween show set for broadcast on Thursday, October 29.

How do Royal and Godfrey get all the special guests they feature? Do they just happen to know all these people personally?

“With the exception of our first guest, Jerel [Jerel Tyrone Miller] on our Black Panther episode, who Taurean previously worked with, we have not known any of the guests we have or any of the exciting guests we have lined up, but I would go so far as to call many of them friends now.”

For a new indie show without a big budget, TTFT has brought some very intriguing film industry people on. “I honestly can’t explain it,” Godfrey said. “It has easily been one of the most rewarding aspects of this show—the platform it has provided to meet and talk to such interesting people that we admire. Mike O’Connell on episode 3, the writer and lead star of The Living Wake, is an idol of mine.”

Godfrey isn’t alone in his enthusiasm for The Living Wake—it’s become a cult classic.

TTFT isn’t just about celebrity guests, though. Much of the charm in this production comes from interactions between Godfrey and Royal. You never know what either of them will say, and there is no filter. The two met through mutual friends, as Godfrey recounted:

“A mutual friend came by my house with Taurean in 2006 because he needed an audition tape shot real quick for one of the Travolta films that came through town. We didn’t speak after that but then in 2007, another mutual friend came by my house with Taurean while I was working on music. We remembered that we met each other before and thought it was serendipitous that we ended up meeting again. We started making music together under a project called G14 Classified and also started working on short video skits under a project called Sunny Fhit Productions. This is when our friendship and collaboration really took off. Since then, he has helped me in some capacity on every project I have done and I have helped him on his projects as well.”

So amid all those projects, how did the two come up with the idea to create TTFT?

“Over the past year,” Godfrey said, “he [Royal] started to talk a lot about coming up with a podcast and began getting equipment for it. I’ve been watching a ridiculous amount of YouTube and last month it hit me. Let’s create a YouTube channel and talk about what we both know more than anything—movies!”

As you watch the two hosts interact, you realize how their personalities contrast. One often speaks off the cuff; the other is more deliberative. Asked about this, Godfrey said, “That is 100 percent accurate. Taurean is willing to try something out of nowhere. He has the confidence for that. My personality is about as unreserved as I can possibly get myself to be.”

In one segment of the show, Royal talks about loving “any film with a Viking funeral.” Royal explained, “I love a film with a Viking funeral because it means that the person that died was held in such regard that the 6 feet underground wasn’t enough and couldn’t hold them. Nor could they just be cremated. It’s a  perfect blend of death, earth, and fluidness, and that’s what I call serenity.”

Thus far, Godfrey said viewer reponse has “met the realistic side of our expectations.” While Royal and Godfrey wouldn’t mind some “blowup video that catapults us to noteworthy numbers overnight,” they believe if the show continues to draw viewers at a “consistent rate”, they’ll see numbers “position us for monetization within a year and a half.” Godfrey said the key is “consistency and quality,” and they envision a “slowburn success.”

At present, TTFT does have merchandise available at their store online.

Otherwise, as with any indie creative effort, TTFT is just trying to get the word out, and the YouTube channel is a critical element. “Our main focus is achieving monetization with YouTube,” Godfrey said. “Anyone can support us greatly without spending a penny by simply subscribing, liking our videos, sharing them—things that give us little pushes in the uphill battle of YouTube algorithms.”

Meanwhile Godfrey and Royal continue to plan and innovate. In November, they’ll cover the acclaimed film V for Vendetta. They’ll feature discussion and info about Planes, Trains and Automobiles for their Thanksgiving show. Other films they’ll talk about in future shows include Jackie Brown, Rain Man, and Joker.

TTFT [That’s The Fxxking Trailer] airs each Thursday on YouTube, and it makes a great evening companion for the viewer in search of something different. If you’re a fan of films or a filmmaking enthusiast, TTFT should most definitely be on your ‘subscribe’ list. Specialty content is also posted on the YouTube channel with topics like Top Ten Drug Films and Terrific Films Brought to You by Terrible People.

Keep up with TTFT happenings and announcements by visiting their  official Facebook page where highlights and full interviews are posted every Tuesday.

Featured Photo: Promo art for TTFT Halloween show (Facebook post; used with permission)

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