MU: Perfect podcast for Halloween month

The Witch No. 1 by J E Baker

Podcasts are plentiful these days and one that is a real attention getter warrants mentioning.

I was baking this past weekend and wanted something to listen to so I did a search for popular podcasts and that one popped up. I can’t remember which site recommended the program, but I thoroughly enjoyed listening.

You can check out the Mysterious Universe website where you can either listen for free or pony up a modest amount of money for premium content.

I spent some time on the website this morning reading about a UFO incident many Americans like me may not have heard of, discovering the tragic plight of the truly beautiful Blanche Monnier, and reading accounts of mysterious winged creatures compared to griffins.

Other stories explore questions. Did witches cause President Donald Trump to contract COVID? Are the Los Roques Islands really cursed? Is Clifton Hall, dating to at least 1086 (confirmed by The Domesday Book), truly cursed as a family who recently fled the manor claims?

The site isn’t sensationalistic or conspiracy-driven. The stories are grounded in fact and that’s what makes them so strange, even once an explanation is given.

If you’re looking for a fun podcast for Halloween month, check out Mysterious Universe. You will definitely not be bored.

~~Featured Image: The witch no. 1 / J.E. Baker circa 1892 illustrates the artist’s concept of the Salem Witch Trials. Image is from the US Library of Congress.

(Kay B. Day/October 15, 2020)

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