Monroe trending reflects stereotype of blonds still popular with natter class

Marilyn Monroe vault in L.A.

Every morning, emboldened by my first cup of coffee, I check out the natter class on Twitter because I find it more useful on breaking news now that Drudge has changed up link curating. This morning I saw ‘Marilyn Monroe’ was trending. Why?

Only head Twit Jack and his useful censors know why a long dead actress would be trending on a day that is not her birthday or her death day.

Judging comments accompanied by various video snippets, I deduced Marilyn’s resurrection had to do with an appearance at an event by Tiffany Trump. Ms. Trump spoke at a PRIDE event to campaign for her father.

Commenters chided Tiffany for her behavior, comparing her to a Marilyn Monroe wannabe. I didn’t get the connection because I’ve seen Tiffany in past events and her behavior seemed no different to me. Tiffany wears her hair blond. So did Monroe. So?

Isn’t it strange that, considering the ridicule Monroe often suffered when she was alive, including snark about “dumb blonds”, we sit here in the #MeToo era and see many self-labeled “liberals” sticking with the stereotype? Where’s the outrage against misogynists?

What’s even funnier is how Ms. Trump’s presence on that stage seemed to me to be very similar to the stage presence of Kamala Harris campaigning this week in Orlando. I see little difference except Ms. Harris waited a bit longer to display her dance moves.

Here’s a link to the vid of Ms. Trump in Tampa:

Here’s a link to the vid of Ms. Harris in Orlando:

I decided to also check out Marilyn Monroe’s Wikipedia entry. You have to read all the way down to the ‘Notes’ section to see her relationship with a Kennedy boy mentioned. Ironically it would be a novel by Norman Mailer and other books that would raise questions about Ms. Monroe being very familiar with more than one Kennedy man. Naturally most media declared the allegations a hoax. Naturally most media in the legacy category will go to any lengths to defend the Kennedys.

If you watch the vid of Harris and the vid of Tiffany Trump, maybe you’ll see what I see. Two women enjoying their time on stage and acting in a spontaneous manner. Why so many in the Beltway class, especially leftists who claim to be advocates for women, yielded to derision and stereotyping is anyone’s guess, but it is a very easy guess as to why.

I don’t spend a lot of time tweeting these days. I believe the site restricted me years ago. Media presenters at various legacy networks and publishers do spend a lot of time there, apparently. #MarilynMonroe was still trending last time I looked, and that is an indication few in media including head Twit Jack have little to no respect for everyday Americans.

Marilyn Monroe trend on Twitter 10-20-20
As of this morning [10-20-20), Marilyn Monroe was trending on Twitter. (Snip/Twitter)
~~Featured photo: Marilyn Monroe’s vault in Los Angeles. (Photographs in Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division)

(Kay B. Day/Oct. 20, 2020)

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