Will Google give me celeb treatment and blur my home from ‘Street View’?

Distorted view Google Street View house

Recently we’ve received several ‘I Want to Buy Your House’ post cards in the mail. The post cards are presumably from flippers or real estate agents, and each card features a photo of our house. After receiving a few of these cards, I realized the senders were probably pulling the photos from Google Street View or a similar resource. I also learned you can ask Goo to blur your house from that view. I requested that this morning. Will the de facto controller of the Web oblige me as they’ve obliged pop culture celebrities and politicos?

I have no idea.

I learned you could request a blur after I read an article at Mashable. The article gives you a step by step primer titled How to Blur Your House on Google Street View. The process only took a few minutes, and I plan to make the same request at Bing.

Why do I want my house blurred?

Privacy pure and simple. We live in a very conflicted world and we are seeing intolerance for views opposing further encroachment of Marxism. Privacy may be just about impossible these days, but I still value it. Goo was sued by a couple over this very issue and ultimately lost the suit. The couple only received $1 in damages, but their goal was privacy not money, and they lived on a private road. That private road shored up their trespassing claim.

My street isn’t private. My life and my property are. If someone disagrees with something I write now, or I’ve written in the past, I don’t want them to have a handy visual of my property.

By the way, Goo tells us where their street view spies will be next. Is your neighborhood on the list?

Goo makes money off people like us. We are the content. Maybe if more people spoke up, that Web controller might just give way to a little more social tech justice benefiting all of us.

I don’t have the clout of political class titans like Paul McCartney or Tony Blair. But I am a free woman who values privacy. I think I deserve celeb treatment on this matter.

How about you?

~~Featured Photo shows house on Google Street View. I used the eraser in Paint to distort the image. (Snip: Google Maps)

(Kay B. Day/Sept. 29, 2020)


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