How I’ll deal with the CDC’s policy on trick or treating 2020

Halloween Boo yard sign

How do you deal with the CDC’s advisory on Halloween? The Centers for Disease Control now classifies “Participating in traditional trick-or-treating where treats are handed to children who go door to door” as a “higher risk” activity to “avoid.” I don’t plan to avoid it, and I have a good plan to celebrate it in keeping with the tradition of my ancestors.

Hagatha the WitchWe always have a lot of little goblins (and a few bigger ones too) on Halloween. I buy tons of candy and put it into their bags by the handful. My daughters always get a kick out of that.

So this year I’ll do the same. With a few tweaks.

I’ll wear the mask (I have a good one). I’ll use rubber gloves to grab the pre-wrapped candy. I’ll stand as far away from the children as my arm reach will let me. I thought about using tongs but I’m pretty sure I’d drop a lot of candy on the ground with those. I’ll stand out by the driveway as the trick or treating begins. And at least this holiday will feel sort of normal.

The kids will mostly be wearing masks. So that’s one less risk.

I get that the CDC is taking the COVID virus seriously. I do too. But I’m using common sense and still hanging on to what I can as far as our traditions go.

Our neighborhood doesn’t have a lot of turnover. Many of us know each other personally. So I think we’ll mostly have a traditional Halloween with some tweaks to keep everyone safe.

(Kay B. Day/Sept. 24, 2020)

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