Indie journalist covering Kenosha violence puts legacy media to shame

Kenosha violence video by BG on the Scene; analysis by towlie2110lol

I came across a post by one of my Facebook connections, and the post is a real eye-opener regarding violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

It’s intriguing to me how legacy media with far more resources than an indie journalist cover unrest in cities like this and Chicago. While major papers like The Chicago Tribune without verification cast a shooter in Kenosha as a possible “vigilante”, the video shot by BG On the Scene, a media product belonging to a fellow named Brendan Gutenschwager, gives a different perspective.

It’s hard to understand why those roaming streets and destroying private property think their actions will change society or move more voters to select a preferred candidate. Even CNN’s Don Lemon, no fan of the current administration in Washington, has expressed concern about ignoring what’s happening in some US cities.

The video shot by BG On the Scene is posted on Twitter. There are a number of videos on the page, and the violence and destruction is completely unacceptable. It’s hard to understand how cities and counties can levy property taxes and give nothing in return, including property protection which is a staple of any municipal government’s responsibilities.

There’s an interesting analysis of the shooting video (not a shooting by a policeman), but a shooting by someone out at night when the streets were dotted with people obviously interested in far more than protesting. If you view the analysis by towlie2110 lol on YouTube, you’ll see a different perspective than many in media are suggesting.

Breaking news on the most influential news network (for better or worse), Twitter, indicated Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) has agreed to federal assistance during a phone call with President Donald Trump (R) in hopes of quelling the violence.

Much of the heavy lifting on informing Americans now falls to new media and indie media. Legacy media have lost the ability to function as watchdogs, instead focusing on taking the role of activists in today’s political realm.

At any rate, I found Towlie2110lol’s analysis thought provoking and I offer a hat tip to BG On The Scene for being stoic enough to go out and shoot video of the violence. Frankly, I had a hard time differentiating between protest groups—hard to tell which side any of the people are on in this brawl.

(Kay B. Day/Aug. 26, 2020)


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