Eight simmering Indie tunes perfect for summer doings

Fun in the pool

Whether I’m doing my daily walking laps or just sitting on the deck, music makes everything better. I have some favorite tunes perfect for poolside listening or for any other outdoor activity. Naturally I chose one of my daughters’ songs, but it is a perfect summer tune. Every song on this list is indie made and better than 99 percent of the canned tunes you hear on the radio.

The Crazy Daysies Jenn Day Thompson and Rebecca Day
The Crazy Daysies Jenn Day Thompson and Rebecca Day; photo Indie Art South

Do you have favorite summer songs? Feel free to share them in the comments below—no registration is necessary and this site doesn’t track you other than whatever WordPress tracks.

Stick a Lime in It—The Crazy Daysies’ summer song is a top favorite with their Chainiacs. This indie band is based in Florida. The Daysies do a weekly ‘Live from Ja’Ville’ show on Facebook each Thursday at 6:30 PM (EDT).

Give Me the Word is Kevin Langeland’s new single—he plays with indie band Paradise Outlaw. The band has been doing a ‘Traveling Road Show’ this summer, playing on a flatbed stage at various outdoor locations in Michigan.

If Summer Could Stay hits on the summer lover in us all. This is one of Florida indie recording group Gunboat Diplomats’ fine tunes. This group has landed songs in major films like M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film Glass.


Singer-songwriter Nancy Wilson Buckler
Singer-songwriter Nancy Wilson Buckler. (Facebook photo; credit Darla McHenry Pittman)

Missing Home is a new song from talented Florida vocalist and songwriter Nancy Wilson Buckler. We may be enjoying our afternoons outside, but home is never far from our hearts, especially right now for those of us who think of our ‘home’ before we moved to Florida.

Shelter is one of my favorite pensive songs. A glass of wine, a nice sunset, and end of day leads the mind to wandering. This song by indie musicians Jodie Gaines and Elena Skiba is so skillfully rendered and produced, it’s top of my indie list.


album cover and head shot Jason Eady on Twitter @jasoneady
Image: @jasoneady on Twitter

This Old Guitar and Me is one of Jason Eady’s fabulous songs. I hear his voice, I hear Haggard. This guy just makes any afternoon perfect.

Love You is a longtime favorite of mine. It’s by Jenn Bostic, a Nashville songwriter and vocalist who performs in the states and abroad. If you’ve ever been in love, this is a perfect song for a cold drink on the deck


Photo: @AHImusic on Twitter
Photo: @AHImusic on Twitter

Ahi is a Canadian indie musician whose song Breaking Ground grabbed my attention from the first note. The inspiring lyrics speak to any music lover’s heart.

There are many more indie musicians whose cover songs I like, but I confined myself to original tunes for this column.

Find a shady spot, pour a nice beverage, and enjoy the music! Summer will be gone too soon!

(Kay B. Day/Aug. 5, 2020)


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