Busted by the Fibbies: Jake Paul—new to me but not to 20.2 million subscribers

snip from weather cam Calabasas government page

YouTube is a blessing and a curse. My husband likes to wander around the videos and more than once, I’ve walked into the sunroom to see some crazy stuff on the big screen. I don’t pay much attention to ‘YouTubers’ unless they’re musicians, poets, or indie filmmakers. That’s the reason I said to myself, Who?,  when I read headlines about Jake Paul’s Calabasas (CA) house getting raided by the feds.

What did Paul do to deserve a search by the FBI?

Profile pic Jake Paul YouTube
Profile picture, youtube.com/c/jakepaul

No one has given specifics. Much speculation has come forth. Firearms violations? Repeated nuisance complaints from neighbors after he made his home address public? Tax violations? If you do a search inputting the question Why was Jake Paul’s house raided, you’ll get all sorts of theories—none are based on facts because for now, according to authorities, the facts are sealed.

Paul built a massive following on social media. A brief visit to his YouTube page indicates he promotes controversy and he likes sexy women who dress as skimpily as possible. This seems to be a formula for making it on YouTube in some cases—do crazy stuff, feature sexy people, and be beyond-the-pale  outrageous. He also has a new rap video up.

I’m sure I’ll sound like a crotchety old lady, but frankly, Mr. Paul cannot rap. His rhythm is like a clock with an erratic beat. His fans apparently love it though, and I’m good with that because no one forces me to watch any entertainer and I can just exit the page if I don’t want to watch.

Paul has 20.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel as this column is being published.

I had no idea who Jake Paul was until he got popped by the Fibbies. It’s likely he’s experienced enough by now to capitalize on this turn of events by pimping his tales on social media. Paul is smart enough to live in a large home commonly called a mansion in one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, and he did that by becoming a millionaire by way of his wits.

On YouTube, for certain types of individuals, the American dream is still alive and well.

On another note, I really wouldn’t want Jake Paul for a neighbor.

~~Featured Photo: Snip of Calabasas weather cam from city government website.

(Kay B. Day/Aug. 6, 2020)

CD by Nancy Wilson Buckler
CD by Nancy Wilson Buckler


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