Small publishers, beware the Facebook ad glitch, censorship

gag on free expression

Yesterday I wrote a column expressing my thoughts on the Republican National Convention holding some events here in Jacksonville, Florida. I wrote that column after reading stories in media promoting Democrat Party leaders’ opinions on the matter. Those party leaders don’t want the opposition party to be able to host convention events here.

I thought I’d boost my post on my Facebook page. Irony of ironies, Facebook had a ‘Boost Post’ tag on the column. I’ve done this before with a column I thought many might be interested in.

Well, wonder of wonders. Facebook rejected my ‘boost’ after suggesting I do that.

I got an email requesting I verify my identity before I could boost the post. Facebook wanted me to authenticate my identity because the article is political. It actually dealt with philosophical and economic issues, but there’s no way to explain that to a bothead.

Like a dutiful consumer, I grabbed my photo ID, scanned it, and tried to upload it. That began a series of glitches.

Messages I received during upload attempts included: 1) wrong size 2)need a dark background 3) need less background 4) need a photo, not a scan 5)need another ID. I have a Real ID issued by the state of Florida—a driver’s license. The same political forces who freak over voter ID want all manner of criteria applied to an ID before they’ll sell you an ad. Go figure.

This went on for about an hour. Meanwhile, Facebook notified me I’d get a snail mail letter in a week or so and that would be part of the verification process too.

I jumped through hoops cropping, resizing, photographing (after the very clear scan wasn’t acceptable), and I completely wasted my time.

I don’t know what is going on with Facebook. I do know many in my country, at the urging of national legacy media and Leftists in general, are embracing censorship and the banning of free expression in a way I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

Facebook’s censors won—I walked away. Why would I spend money with a company obviously doing everything possible to disenfranchise me? Where’s Interstate Commerce when you need it?

National media advocate for one party. That party’s members get a general pass regardless of the crime committed. If you don’t toe the expected line, you will be disenfranchised.

It is absolutely disgusting what social media leftists are doing to this country. I am glad I’m too old to see the end result of leftist oppression, but I take comfort in knowing that long after I am gone, ultimately leftists will pay a dear price as well. History does repeat itself.

The column I wrote was factual and balanced. It was respectful. It’s too bad the social media plebes Facebook hires choose to censor and oppress. I wish nothing good for a single human who silences the voice of another. Free expression is available only to adherents of one ideology apparently.

As for party leaders of one party attempting to squelch another party from hosting convention events, that is absolutely reprehensible and as anti-liberty as you can get.

(Kay B. Day/June 11, 2020)



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