Media malpractice as Wikipedia labels free expression forum ‘far right’

Kay B. Day on Parler

As people who don’t like censorship leave Twitter to join Parler, what I view as media malpractice is occurring. I am not surprised.

I’ve been critical of Twitter for quite some time. In the early days, that site was a good referral avenue for my writing. As free expression fell from favor, Twitter lost most of its value for me. The only benefit I see from Twitter right now is knowing what news will break everywhere, from leftist legacy networks to formerly rightist site Drudge.

My numbers have been stale at Twitter for years, after getting off to a robust start. It goes without saying I’ve been called derogatory names, including racial slurs, and I largely ignored them.

I realized the other night I was wasting my time even responding to posts on Twitter because very few people saw them—the timelines scroll fast and it’s my opinion they scroll really fast for individualists like me.

I began to hear talk about a new social media site, Parler. I did a search to see what it was all about.

I saw praises for Parler from some folks I follow on Twitter, but when I checked out the site’s entry at Wikipedia, I was pretty surprised at the bias. I’d go so far as to say, not for the first time, Wikipedia has in my opinion committed media malpractice.

The opening paragraph on Wikipedia about Parler dives right into a biased perspective, using an ambiguous source for claims—“It has been noted…” What follows is a negative description alleging “the presence and proliferation of alt-rightneo-nazianti-feminist and conspiracy theory content.”

Both sources cited for that claim “It has been noted…” are legacy media sites I consider left of center. Using those sources would be like using Joe Biden as a source for opinions on President Donald Trump. Or the reverse.

If you compare the WikiP entry for Parler and Twitter, the bias is evident. I’m not surprised WikiP would put anything negative about Twitter at the bottom of the page. In the first paragraph Wikipedia might have mentioned the Russia conspiracy theorists who dominated the platform for years.

As for dissenting views, those are what have helped make our country great. I’ve often said I may not agree with what you say, but even if what you say makes me angry, I acknowledge your right to say it. Parler’s dedication to free expression is what counts. Twitter has no such dedication in my opinion—it is the most benevolently far left censor-happy site I’ve ever been on, far worse than Facebook.

Because Twitter has lost 99 percent of its value for me and because I do  not want to be part of censorship, I decided to join Parler. Thus far, I haven’t seen any neo-Nazis etc.

I would also suggest if you call someone a Nazi, do some reading first. The United States has the most illiterate population in the world when it comes to history, in part due to propagandists calling themselves professors.

At any rate, I’m on Parler now, and I’ll continue to post my ideas about individualism, free markets, bureaucratic incompetency, and more. I won’t miss the leftists on Twitter who’ve called me every name in the book and then some, not because I said things that were untrue or offensive. But because I often posted the truth backed up by facts.

Truth hurts, and I will keep on telling it regardless of how the far left or far right responds. There was a time in the United States when everyone pretty much supported free expression. That this is no longer the case should disturb any freedom-loving freethinker.

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(Kay B. Day/June 25, 2020)

Memoir Killing Earl by Kay B. Day

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