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Indie musicians are dear to me for more than one reason, and a big one is the fact my daughters earn a living writing, composing, and performing their original works. There are many websites offering to help indie musicians, and a number of those are predatory. Some sites talk a lot but do a little.

One site that stands out for doing a whole lot more than just talking is Indie Music Bus.

I learned about this resource when my daughter mentioned it on social media.

IMB self-described in one interview as “a self-promotion service for independent music.” The website is very layered, with music reviews, DIY tips, a blog, a daily online ‘newspaper’, a playlist, and more. Just around the corner is a new endeavor, Indie Music Bus Radio.

IMB maintains an active page on Facebook and on Twitter.

Artists can submit music, pitch an article about the business, and subscribe for free to the IMB newsletter and mail list.

Wandering around on the IMB website today, I saw articles about doing your own PR (most indies have to), booking your own tours, partnering with sites like Bands In Town and more. Think of this site as a resource helping inform about challenges in getting your work to a wider audience and as a place to listen to music by some of your fellow artists. There’s a whole category of content with DIY tips.

As I listened to some of the music, I realized just how diverse the indie music industry is, with so many different genres represented.

Musicians who have a story to tell and who enjoy writing articles can also submit to the site.

My email is filled with pitches from different music entities, and the majority of the content teaches me nothing I didn’t already know. Indie Music Bus stands out for unique content and information that can help indie musicians cut through information overload and learn more about connecting with fans who love their music. IMB does a whole lot more than just talking, and that’s a good thing for any musician hoping to gain a foothold in an insanely competitive arts arena.

(Kay B. Day/June 19, 2020)

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