Why do national dinosaur media handle the CPC with kid gloves?

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Will indie media be our saving grace?

We were talking about many news outlets’ fondness for the CPC, the way they handle it with kid gloves,  when my friend asked me what news I “watch”.

My answer was easy.

“Little to none.”

I used to switch between CNN, Fox, and C-SPAN. One day I realized I’d already read about whatever they were covering. How? Twitter. Tragically, that social media cesspool and censorship titan is where most politics and government “news” will break.

I prefer to read, and I don’t just read the latest in national outlets like USA Today, or international outlets like The Guardian. Both are left of center.

I also like to read at what may be the only objective site on the Web—realclearpolitics.com—as far as news and editorial content. RCP features both sides of an argument. I like that.

I scan headlines at Drudge, but the shine has worn off that old penny. On my phone, I’ll click on a headline and repeatedly get taken to an ad instead of the article. Also there’s no way before I click a link for me to tell which sites are behind a pay firewall.

Above all I like to read books. You’d be surprised how many books of yesteryear are relevant to today’s issues. For instance Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of my least favorite US presidents, made comments in 1940 relevant to today. FDR knew the US would end up engaging in World War II, and he also knew the US wasn’t really prepared for war in more ways than one.

The American people viewed the battle with Nazi Germany as a European issue, not an American issue. There was so much dissent, including in Congress about the issue, that, according to author Robert B. Stinnett (Day of Deceit):

“A fistfight broke out in the House of Representatives when Representative Beverly Vincent (D-KY) tried to trip Representative Martin L Sweeney (D-OH) in the House aisle. Sweeney had just delivered an anti-FDR speech. The Associated Press reported it as hand-to-hand combat. Each congressman took, and gave, about six blows to the face. [pg. 25]”

Despite news coverage during that time period, it would take 50+ years for us to be informed, because of material the author obtained through FOIA requests among other resources, that FDR knew Japan would bomb Pearl Harbor. For that long half century, anyone suggesting what turned out to be the truth was viewed as a tinfoil hatter.

We also know FDR gave some advice future presidents should have taken, but didn’t.

FDR, concerned about the US’ preparation for a war, Stinnett wrote:

“The president called for constructing new military bases for the defense of our shores. ‘Men and women must be taught to create the supplies that we need.’” [pg. 26]

Instead FDR’s successors, regardless of party, farmed out manufacturing for many “supplies that we need”. We learned nothing.

At present we are witnessing something many of us never thought we’d witness in what is, on paper at least, the freest country on the planet. Many US media are praising the Communist Party of China (that party owns China) for handling the COVID-19 outbreak so splendidly. Never mind we have no idea of truth when it comes to the CPC. If you don’t believe me, consider the the epic truth fail of most US media in a country where no one can legally slap you in prison for writing the truth.

After myriad reports on social media about how China dealt with Wuhan where the outbreak allegedly began, US media did begin to carry stories about the brutality of the communists, and even then, the same media couched the stories carefully. Not only did the communists go full-fledged Big Brother on the citizens of Wuhan, they threw a little Hunger Games style oppression in for good measure. USA Today carefully noted:

Video footage published by the Australian Broadcasting Corp., the country’s state-funded broadcaster, showed Chinese authorities in Wuhan welding doors to entire apartment buildings shut – with residents inside – to enforce quarantines. The footage, collected from Chinese social media users, could not be independently verified by USA TODAY. “

If you read that whole article, you’ll be appalled at praise directed to a political party smashing individual rights like a dinosaur stomping whatever was beneath him eons ago.

One reporter I do follow is Sharyl Attkisson. I think she has more integrity in her little finger than someone like Chuck Todd has in his entire body. Attkisson ran a story on her show Full Measure showing just how vulnerable we are, reporting on a scientist here at home and what I consider a serious conflict of interest:

“Only later did it emerge that the laboratory Dr. Le Duc runs, in Galveston, spent much of the last decade as the official American partner of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the very lab in China that uses bats for the study of infectious diseases, where state department officials warned, two years ago, of unsafe practices, and which has now drawn suspicion as a possible origin point for the coronavirus now ravaging the world.”

Media, frankly, have no shame these days.

Government doesn’t either. I do read pronouncements from the CDC, addled as they are. Also useful is the NIH website and to a small degree, the CMS website. Any government entity is dominated by professional bureaucrats. This has been true of every administration since that of John F. Kennedy.  You learn to read through the lines though if you’re willing to think outside that restrictive box many people store their intellect in.

Just this morning, I saw an apology from NBC News. Appears they’d taken quotes out of context when they featured a top news story video. You can bet millions saw the lie, and you can also bet far fewer saw the correction.

It’s a good idea to try hard to think for yourself. And when you see any media outlet proclaiming the virtues of a country ruled by a dictatorial, brutal, soulless political party embracing communism as an ideal, you might want to switch off the TV box and take the box off your head at the same time.

Most of what we see in today’s dinosaur media is art, not objective information. Every now and then you get a real reporter like Sharyl Attkisson trying to get the truth out. She’s an indie, and I think that class represents a potential saving grace for most media in the future.

(Kay B. Day/May 11, 2020)

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