Troupers keep virtual music and comedy lively as communities ease restrictions

Photo of country music singer/songwriter Ward Davis

Communities across the US are slowly easing restrictions put in place as the COVID-19 outbreak gained momentum. Throughout this whole ordeal, working musicians slammed by entertainment venue shutdowns have kept on keeping on. Shows are coming up that interest me, and I thought I’d share info on these troupers keeping the music lively.

Tonight (May 6) at 7 PM CDT, Ward Davis invites you to ‘Whiskey with Ward’ for a virtual happy hour. I saw Davis when he and his band came to 1904 Music Hall here in Jacksonville, and whether he’s doing a solo number or playing with the band, he is most entertaining. Laid back and brutally honest, Davis must have tire tracks from country music all down his back because his stories will make you laugh aloud. Davis does old tunes and new ones, and I especially enjoy his solo work.

Singer/songwriter Jenn Bostic
Photo of Jenn Bostic from Facebook: @JennBostic

Davis’ show will be on Zoom, and groups will be limited so there will be individual interaction with guests. The description notes, “One-on-One Meet & Greets are limited to 30 minutes**.” If you want to pick the brain of a Nashville insider, this might just be your ticket. Speaking of tickets, head to Davis’ event page for full information and links to pay in advance.

On Sunday, May 10 at 3 PM CDT, Jenn Bostic takes to the virtual stage with her show “’Jealous’ Live on StageIt.” Bostic has one of those big voices with character—I’d know her anywhere as soon as I heard her voice. I’ve praised Bostic’s music before in earlier columns. Her Sunday show is described as:

“A special Mother’s Day concert, featuring songs from my sophomore album, “Jealous.”

Top Tipper will receive handwritten lyrics from any song, and anyone who tips 300 notes or more will receive an autographed copy of the “Jealous” album.

There will also be a giveaway!”

Get all the details on how to see Jenn Bostic’s show by visiting her Facebook event page.

Need some laughs?  JP Sears is doing a livestream on Friday evenings at 9 PM EST (I’m pretty sure that, for the East coast of the US, means 9 PM EDT since we’re on daylight savings time). It’s hard to be funny, but Sears makes me laugh. He does some really funny sketches about being spiritual, and self-describes as “an emotional healing coach, international teacher, world traveler, YouTuber, Ginger, and curious student of life.” Get details on his show by visiting his Friday Night Still Alive page.

Rebecca Day and Jen Day Thompson/The Crazy Daysies; photo This Guy Multimedia (Mike Hamilton)
Rebecca Day (left) and Jen Day Thompson perform as the Crazy Daysies. (Photo: This Guy Multimedia, Mike Hamilton)

Meanwhile, the band I assist, The Crazy Daysies, will do their regular weekly show on Friday, May 8 beginning at 6 PM EDT.  Rebecca Day and Jennifer Day Thompson (my daughters who inspired this website) will bring their customary zany humor and original music with at least one new song unveiled. Both have promised me a special traditional song—I’m thinking it’ll be a hymn because I’m always pestering them to sing or play me a hymn. I like the old church songs—we rarely hear those anymore when we attend.

As an aside, the Daysies’ latest get is having their music included in a video game, so the beat goes on. Get details about their ‘Live From Ja’Ville’ on Facebook.Theme for this week’s show is Mother’s Day. The Daysies always set the theme for each week’s show based on supporter’s input during the previous week’s show.

Despite political bickering on social media, completely bizarre reportage from dinosaur media, and those ubiquitous masks everyone sports these days, a number of dedicated troupers are keeping the comedy and the music lively. If you’re looking for entertainment, why settle for cookie cutter when you can go indie?

(Kay B. Day/May 6, 2020)

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