Range of humor, some very disturbing, in responses to Coronavirus

still shot Kevin James video Out of Touch

Various memes and videos poking humor and satire at the Coronavirus or COVID-19 impact are not surprising. Americans often find comfort in humor. Several videos caught my eye, and reasons vary. One in particular is more disturbing after the fact. Another has a personal connection to me.

Weeks ago as social distancing began to take hold around the country, Rebecca and Jennifer came up with a funny song about these times. There is a tie-in to the Tiger King series that gripped our society’s attention in surprising ways. Rebecca was concerned about poking fun at a serious illness. How would people respond?

I told her I thought it’d be fine. I am weary of more or less pampered celebrities adopting a funereal attitude telling me, with wall-sized freezers of ice cream and uber-mansions in the background, they’re “with me.” That is narcissistic poppycock.

Rebecca Day (left) and Jennifer Day Thompson still shot from 'Coronavirus Blues' video
Rebecca Day (left) and Jennifer Day Thompson still shot from ‘Coronavirus Blues’ video

So the girls did the video of their song “Coronavirus Blues”, posting it on their Crazy Daysies Facebook page, and it has been well-received by their fans and featured by others who support their music. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

I did some searching in an effort to see what kind of humor, grassroots level, was making its way into content. I found a couple videos that made me laugh.

Rusty rescued by Rebecca/The Crazy Daysies
Rebecca Day adopted her mixed breed Schnauzer Rusty. –Photo from @thecrazydaysies on Facebook

One video features a talking Schnauzer that reminded me a lot of the pup Rebecca rescued (on Jennifer’s recommendation) years ago. The dog’s name is Pluto, and the short commentary is hilarious. Pluto’s owner—to him, we are ‘two-leggers’—is Nancie Wight.

The other video that made me laugh—the humor increases with each scene in this one—was made by a couple named Jim and Gail Packett. Jim plays the iconic “Bad Moon Rising” on a guitar in a subdued way while Gail does impressions, circling around him while doing things like stress-eating cereal and spraying everything in sight, including Jim, with disinfectant.

The video that returned to lurk in my mind once I’d viewed it and laughed was created by Kevin James. James played the role of Doug in the timeless series King of Queens. He’s a very fine actor, as the video ‘Out of Touch’ demonstrates. While it’s funny, the concept of spying on others and reporting them for infractions as has long been the case in the country held in thrall by the Communist Party of China, the message is incredibly troubling in that it raises questions for those of us in free countries. The grab for power during this pandemic has been mind-boggling. If nothing else, this video will make you think if you let it. It’s posted at the end of this article.

After all, one past president’s administration directly told the American public to spy on their fellow citizens. There wasn’t even a pandemic at the time. That same administration spied on various media, and on my own website, various government entities including the White House ‘Executive Office of the President’ visited my articles and took no pains to mask the IP address. If the object was to inspire fear in me, it did not.

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 storm, I think it’s fine to let ourselves laugh at ourselves every now and then. That, to me, is far better than some tinseltown phony trying to reassure me when s/he knows nothing about me.

~~Kevin James’ “Out of Touch”

(Kay B. Day/May 14, 2020)

Lizards in North Florida
Photo: Indie Art South


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