Silver Linings: Coronavirus led us to Ja’Ville and new creative projects

(L to R) Jenn Day Thompson, Rebecca Day/The Crazy Daysies photo by Mike Hamilton, This Guy Multimedia
(L to R) Jenn Day Thompson, Rebecca Day/The Crazy Daysies; photo by Mike Hamilton, This Guy Multimedia.

I’ve already written about adjusting to this self-quarantine now that the Coronavirus is sweeping our country. Being accustomed to a fairly hectic schedule, I’m not the only one in my family adjusting. Ironically from this horrible crisis, some good business ideas are springing forth.

The first idea occurred as Jenn and Rebecca (The Crazy Daysies) and I talked about dealing with the downturn in their business. We’re fortunate Jenn lives close by and has quarantined as we have even before we were officially told to do so. We’re sad that Wes Goode, who also plays with the girls, and his bandmates The Littleberry Boys, who will also be playing some future shows with them, are in Fernandina. Practices will resume once this Coronavirus is tamed.

New Live from Ja'Ville Crazy Daysies weekly facebook show
Live from Ja’Ville with The Crazy Daysies will stream each Friday at 6 p.m. (Graphic used with permission)

Anyway, Rebecca and I were sitting at the table, planning shows and online marketing, and we kept trying to come up with a name for their new weekly show. We were just tossing out ideas but nothing stuck. For some reason I thought of all those critics who dissed Jacksonville obsessively for our many Waffle House locations back in 2005 when our sprawling city hosted the Super Bowl. I was miffed at those critics, all of them media workers, because if you live in the South, dissing the South by those who come from afar is common. I still don’t get why people move or come here and complain, but that, I guess is human nature.

I kept rolling ideas in my head—we were going for fashionably tacky. Or tacky chic-chic. Southerners I know pronounce that as “she-she”. I do not know why. The first time I heard that term was in a convo in Charleston with a woman who was married to the ambassador of a country in Asia. I don’t remember the country.

And it hit me. The idea of Ja’Ville was born. I heard it in my head as ‘Zsa-Ville’ because what’s more fashionably tacky than tacky French accents?

So ‘Live from Ja’Ville—The Crazy Daysies’ hit home as a name  for the Daysies’ new show.

We then began to look at both our work agenda [I’m sticking with traditional Latin on that word usage—agendum, agenda are too drilled into my brain].

I realized that being homebound will more than likely let me finish this book I’ve been yammering about for several years. So I committed to finishing it and getting it out by the fall.

Rebecca realized she and Jen had a number of songs they’d been too busy to work on. They’ve been refining and editing and some of that music will be unveiled in coming weeks.

By the end of our little meeting, we realized a couple things.

We miss those shows and the travel. We miss our Daysie people and we miss opportunity to see the places we haven’t seen until a show takes us there. Above all, we miss the live music blasting through those speakers and hearing the crowd around us sing favorite songs along with the band.

We miss our freedom of movement—who doesn’t?

At the same time, this quarantine is presenting us with the most valuable resource of all. Time. We’ll use it as best we can and maybe some great new songs, poetry, and other creative works will come from all this.

My grandmother used to say every cloud has a silver lining. While the cloud itself is murky and unpleasant, that lining is there. All we have to do is look for it.

Tune into Facebook for Live from Ja’ Ville on The Crazy Daysies’ page on Friday, April 3 at 6 PM EDT for a special ‘All Things Derelict’ show.

(Kay B. Day/March 31, 2020)

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