Hat tip: Dixie Highway musician mom meets challenges with finesse

(L to R) Daniel Lewis, Chelsea Lewis, Rebecca Day; Jax Country Fest interview with Dixie Highway. credit iwantabuzz.com
(L to R) Daniel Lewis and Chelsea Lewis, part of the Dixie Highway Band,talk to Rebecca Day for the Buzz Media program ‘Feel the Beat’. The band will perform at Jax Country Fest September 11-12. (Photo: Still shot from video/iwantabuzz.com)

Rebecca Day is interviewing bands and musicians who will perform at Jax Country Fest scheduled for September 11-12, 2020 at Jacksonville Beach. Rebecca and The Crazy Daysies are performing at this, and she agreed to do the interviews to help get the word out about some of the indie bands who work and play here in Florida. The festival will also feature Nashville musicians.

I noticed something in the interview that definitely hit home with me.

In the first video released by Buzz Media, Rebecca interviewed Daniel and Chelsea Lewis who do music, along with their other bandmates, as Dixie Highway. As I watched Chelsea Lewis speak, I recognized her story because it was my own, and to some degree Jenn’s.

For those who aren’t familiar with this site, Rebecca Day and Jenn Day Thompson are my daughters, and they do music across the South as The Crazy Daysies. Anyway, I’m listening to Chelsea talk about “juggling” her tasks as mom of three, wife to Daniel, and keyboardist for the band. Chelsea also does the band’s bookings and media efforts.

Chelsea summed things up: “It’s rough, but it’s fun. All things fun come with their own challenges.”

How right she is. As I listened to her talk in a quiet, rational way about what many of us have dealt with as moms, I remembered Jenn’s performances when she was pregnant with her first baby. I recall Jenn was about six or seven weeks from having that baby when Rebecca informed us the band had a great opportunity. In Atlanta.

I freaked out, yes I did. I told them both no grandbaby of mine was going to be delivered on a stage in a city hours away from Jax. Then my husband reminded me that when I was about to deliver our first baby, I seriously considered a book  contract that would’ve required immediate and fairly long range travel. I freelanced for years, but I ended up turning that contract down and the Daysies turned the Atlanta show down.

Otherwise, Jenn performed until the week her daughter was born. And she was back on stage about two weeks later.

I can imagine Chelsea’s challenges, with three kids. She somehow looks non-frazzled, and she and the band rouse the venues they play at with traditional Southern rock, a personal favorite of mine. She credited their support network as an important part of her own success.

March is the month we honor women. Most of the articles I read have to do with women in politics. I like to honor women in music, literature, and history.

So here’s my hat tip to Chelsea Lewis, who makes music with her husband and their bandmates, and does the mom and wife thing with finesse.

You can watch the whole interview—it’s the first in a big series ‘Feel the Beat’—at Buzz Media.

Learn more about Dixie Highway and where to go hear their music at their Facebook page.

Tickets are already available for the Jax Country Fest.

(Kay B. Day/March 11,2020)

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